Christian Artists React to Tragic Murder of Young Rapper XXXTentacion

The life of influential young rapper XXXTentacion was cut short on Tuesday and although a controversial up-and-coming emcee, many in the Christian Hip-Hop community took to social media to share their thoughts about his death.
Deemed a "controversial" figure in the Hip-Hop community, XXXTentacion still maintained a high level of respect for his music which first garnered a massive following on the music platform Soundcloud. His latest album, ?, would go on to reach No. 1 on the Billboard charts in March.
The 20-year-old had a number of domestic abuse and assault allegations against him and he put all of his real-life pain into his artistic persona. XXXTentacion seemed to be turning his life around recently and was in Florida for a charity event. However, everything came to an end on June 19 when the rapper, whose real name is Jahseh Onfroy, was gunned down by two men who approached him as he was leaving a Deerfield Beach, Florida, motorcycle dealership in his BMW sports car.

Regardless of what people believed about his life, many in Christian Hip-Hop were strongly impacted by the news of his death.
Grammy winner and Reach Records founder Lecrae took to Instagram stories writing that he was "sad" and is praying for the young man's family.
Christian rapper Derek Minor tweeted his disgust that people reportedly took out their phones and filmed XXXTentacion after he was shot.
"We used to joke about a society that would see a traumatic event and the first thing they would think is to pull out their phone. It's sad its no longer a joke but a reality. We have become so clout centered that we will film a person die to say we where there rather than help," Minor Tweeted.
Others wished he had a chance to give his heart and life to Jesus before leaving earth in such a tragic way.
Below are some their online comments:
·         datruthonduty You know, I’m really feeling a little heavy after hearing about the murder of @xxxtentacion. It just makes me think that I wish I was closer to some of these guys. Although, I’ve had conversations with mainstream artist, my desire is to go deeper with them. Satan is really out to steal, kill and destroy. Lord, please continue to use us in every arena. Hip Hop needs you Jesus!!!!!!
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·         jeremiahdirt@everythingmissions Yes. He was admittedly (and seemingly proudly) involved in evil. My wife & we're just talking about how some people think just bc you have one line in a song about 'stay in school's... But the rest of your music is about glorifying greed, materialism, murder, racism, division, hate, stealing, pre & extra marital sex, .... That you're somehow a 'positive musician'. The problem with ANY musician that lives carnally is that even when they DO talk encouragingly... It's hard to separate it from the 95% trash and ends up very convoluted and confusing.
·         knu_oneill@letsdoitferjohnny Psalm 147: 2 he healeth the broken in heart and bind it up their wounds... My brother I say to you out of love God knows you by your name he is a great GOD of great power and understanding he will heal your broken heart and bind up your wounds HE WILL LIFT YOU UP AND BRING GREAT JOY IN WHERE YOU WERE DISAPPOINTED AND FELT FAILURE. I'm praying for you much love to you And Grace from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
·         godchild_kingdomatic What happened to him?
·         sojesuschristAmen @jeremiahdirt this young man was definitely taken before his time I'd say. He looks different here and on stage...but I seen a video of him in a vehicle going live on ig...The young man looks so innocent. You didn't deserve it. The ones who did it seriously need to get some help. It wasn't worth it. It never is. See you later Brother.
·         sojesuschristLol @jeremiahdirt Out Strengthened
·         sojesuschristAye...I understand it must be a word 😎 @jeremiahdirt
·         sojesuschrist@jeremiahdirt Amen
·         dothatgwalkYeah but nobody need that fake Jesus, c'mon now, you know better smh 😒
·         datruthonduty@dothatgwalk By fake, do you mean non existent?
·         dothatgwalk@datruthonduty Yes, you know he's fake. Just a copied Ancient Egyptian dipiction. You're a deciever profiting off people's lack of knowledge. I used to be invovled w/ the church too but no more.
·         jeremiahdirt@sojesuschrist I agree bro... I Hate death too. I can't wait until we are in Heaven with Glorified bodies!
·         trevorteefourchristianrapper12I still cant believe that there are some people that are too blind to say that Jesus doesn't exist. RIP to the Man.
        louisvuittonie@dothatgwalk Devil disguises himself as an angel of light bro but what of his end? Everytime sin looked /looks beautiful at the fore what does it leave the sinner feeling? Ugly sure. TRUTH is a bitter pill but brings the healing. No bitterness while eradicating the sin, no healing. You know the TRUTH bro
·         louisvuittonie@godchild_kingdomaticsadly he was killed while making a purchase for a motorcycle down in Florida, close to Deerfield 😔
·         louisvuittonie One only knows the pinch of the shoe when he wears it. I was dragged by sin to the very grave. Fornication, masturbation, drug abuse all led me to depression. Was I better than that I saw the LIGHT OF JESUS COUNTENANCE shine upon me? NEVER. Yet here I am. Let's keep spreading the GOSPEL, that kid who has been raised by ungodly music has a chance still. Ecclesiastes 9:4 read this and get to fishing. For I pray his family and friends will be consoled and drawn to the LORD through this dark time. I'll be posting Ecclesiastes 9:4 at the bottom