Christians in North Korea Will Benefit Because of President Trump, Franklin Graham Says

Leading evangelist Franklin Graham believes that President Donald Trump's meeting with North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Tuesday will benefit the highly persecuted Christian community in the isolated nation.

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network Tuesday, the head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse humanitarian organization was asked if he thought Trump's meeting with Kim will "have the potential to ease some of the persecution on believers in North Korea."

The question comes as Open Doors USA has ranked North Korea for the past 16 years as the worst persecutor of Christians in the world as tens of thousands of believers have been killed or forced into prison camps for their faith.

"No question, no question," Graham, who has personally taken four humanitarian trips to North Korea, responded. "I think this meeting with Kim Jong Un and President Trump is huge. Yes, the Christians are going to benefit in North Korea as a result of President Donald J. Trump."

Graham, the son of Billy Graham, who has appeared to be one of many white evangelicals leaders personally engaging with the Trump administration, explained that he has spoken directly with Trump about North Korea.

"I have talked with him on several occasions about North Korea and I believe this is probably one of the most dangerous areas of the world and I encouraged him to pay attention to it," the 65-year-old said. "I am certainly glad that he and the rest of the administration are focusing on this region of the world."

Graham maintains that he is very optimistic about what the future has in store for the Korean peninsula. He added that if both sides can somehow work out some sort of concrete peace agreement, it could save the U.S. government billions by not having to send troops and armies to the region.

"We still maintain our armies on the border, billions of dollars have been spent [over the last 50 years] and there has been no movement. And, President Trump is the first president who is trying to resolve this issue," Graham said. "I commend him and just thank God that he has taken this direction and he is focusing on this."

"I think the North Koreans have been wanting to talk to the Americans for a long time," he added. "This is the first administration that they have been able to talk to directly like this. The North Koreans just want to be shown respect and other administrations would just brush them off like they were nothing. These are prideful people."

In the interview, Graham said that all Christians should pray for their political leaders, even the North Korean believers who are being persecuted by their own government leaders.

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