Was It A Slip Of Tongue? Rodrigo Duterte Said God Is Stupid!

The president of Philippine has said that God is ‘stupid and he blamed God for the fall of Adam and Eve. This kind of show of shame is coming from a country whose citizens are predominantly Catholic Christians. It goes a long way in demonstrating the level of knowledge of God people in position of power have. 

It is a pity that he cannot decipher what transpired in the fall of man and as a result he has to blame and insult God.  In reacting to his statement, the opposition party called him an ‘evil man’. A senator, Antonio Trillanes IV said Mr. Duterte is very much consistent with the deceitfulness, heartlessness and ruthlessness of his policies. And the Catholic Bishop Arturo Bastes called him a ‘madman’ and however, he solicited for prayers from Filipinos so that such negative utterances should stop.