Supreme Court Reverses Ruling Against Kansas Woman Told by Police to Stop Praying in Her Home

The United States Supreme Court has reversed a lower court's ruling against a Kansas woman who sued police for telling her to stop praying during a search of her apartment.
Mary Anne Sause of Louisburg filed suit against two police officers following an incident in 2013 when they entered her home to search it and, among other things, stopped her from praying.
In a Per Curiam decision released Thursday, the high court concluded that a lower court decision from the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals against Sause should be reversed due to unsettled issues regarding "the free exercise issue" and "the officers' entitlement to qualified immunity."

"As the case comes before us, it is unclear whether the police officers were in petitioner's apartment at the time in question based on her consent, whether they had some other ground consistent with the Fourth Amendment for entering and remaining there, or whether their entry or continued presence was unlawful," noted the decision.
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