The Physical Concept between the Light and Darkness

The people, who live in third world countries like the country I come from, are conversant with what darkness is like. There is always this incessant power outage, even in the ungodly moments and when the service is highly needed, because the power generating and distributing system is in the lowest ebb there. When this undesirable disappointment comes from the power supplying authority or agent, the whole region or place is thrown into darkness.

Darkness means that someone's eyes are open but he cannot see. It depicts a state in which one finds himself staggering and moping in the room because his vision is obscured. The purpose for which the eyes are created in the body of man is to see. But in the presence of darkness, that purpose is defeated, thus rendering the eyes useless. Now try to picture a situation where someone is busy in the Kitchen preparing dinner and all of a sudden there was power outage. Or consider another situation where one has an important appointment to keep very early in the morning of the next day, say an interview, and he decided to have his cloths ironed and as he was doing that the power authority cut off the light.
In the same vein, one decided to cut his hair and as he was doing that, having gone half way, the power authority cuts off the power, or there is a rally going on and large number of people have gathered to hear you, and there is no way you can address this people without microphone, and as you were doing that the people you are addressing are interested to hear from you the more, and immediately there was power outage.
In all of these, the first thing that sets in is confusion, and you will agree with me that whenever there is confusion, understanding will be impeded. The confusion will dampen the zeal or interest of the person in question. This will lead to sadness, because one will begin to see that one’s mission might not be accomplished.  If it is during the dry season, the room where he is staying will become hot and uncomfortable for him to stay. 

And as matter of fact, he could decide to come out of the room to have some fresh air, which may not be available sometimes. When that happens, one becomes distraught and frustrated because of the power outage. Under such a circumstance many things that are supposed to be flowing with easy and smoothly will come to a halt.

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The presence of this darkness as a result of the power outage affects everything that revolves around man spiritually and physically. What I mean is this: imagine you were watching your favourite TV preacher, who has been dealing with a series teaching on a given topic and the purpose of your consistency has been to avoid missing any of the segments, so that you can flow with the teaching. And unexpectedly, there is power outage. Believe me; this scenario will weigh your spirit down. Also, you will find a situation where people who are supposed to be selling things in their shops will shut their shops because of the power outage, and would end up depriving people who need their services from getting such services. This means that the volume of economic activities dwindles in the presence of darkness.

Therefore, darkness kills, it destroys and doesn’t build, and that was what God saw on the surface of the earth, and decided to take swift action on it, because He knew how dangerous things would be if He had allowed it to stay longer than was due. That was why He called out the Light to take over the surface of the earth. In different instances, the power outage experience does last for some minutes, or hours or even weeks and months as the case may be. So the more the situation prevails, the more things continue to depreciate in their values. The bottom-line is that either directly or indirectly, such power outages have serious effects on man and the growth of the economy.

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However, as it has always been the case, there is often a brisk appearance of the light in the midst of the darkness. This appearance of the light immediately changes the atmospheric condition of the place or region as the case may be. As it is peculiar with my people, one hears a shriek of joy coupled with the exclamation of a common slogan “UP NEPA”!
The appearance of the light however, comes with a kind of relief that refreshes the spirit, body and soul of the individuals within the region. Life is ignited again in each room and flat, people start communicating actively, music starts to boom from the rooms and activities resume in the kitchens.  The living rooms regain their activities with TVs on; the children start to engage themselves, while the students pick up their books to read.

Relevant discussions and jokes resume among family members, joy starts to flow in the vicinity and all economic activities resume along the streets and major roads, because people can get access to the services they desire. And life goes on as it is supposed to be; and as it continues like this, the growth of man and his economy within a short period of time gain great momentum and ascendancy. This is what light can do in the life of man. If one compares this to the spiritual life of people who are under the influence of the light, one can conclude that in fact the Light is indeed a place to be.

Do tell us how this teaching has influenced your spiritual life and let us know your disparagement if any ad we are here to bring clarity to it.