The Side Effects Of The World Cup To The Church

Once in every four years, the atmospheric condition of many football loving nations has a kind of shift that metamorphoses into either a tense or easy situation depending on the performance of their team. This is commonly known as the “Spirit of World Cup”. Many are caught in the web of this spirit; for instance there are many whose TV sets were not in order, just because of world cup, they are forced to put them in order. Satellite dish and decoder shops are experiencing better turnovers this period of time and many TV stations are making good money from the sales of adverts on their stations. Also, many artistes are getting mouth watery endorsements from different companies. In fact, the world cup talks money and brings money in the pocket of all the stakeholders whether on pitch or off-pitch money is exchanging hands.

However, the wave of world cup blows and affects the mental state of greater number of individuals in the respective countries participating in the event. This is as a result of the charisma and the euphoria it produces in the life of individuals especially if their team is on the winning side. It is not surprising to see people laughing and discussing the events that took place in a particular match their team won. The story is relived lively and it creates a joyful state to their entire being. However, the reverse is the case if their team is defeated. This football winning ecstasy permeates every endeavors and activities within the vicinity; to the extent that people are found doing chores and some hard jobs with joyful expression on their faces. If the matches are played in the day, people are willing to leave their shops and businesses to go clue their eyes on their TV sets.

Many can let businesses go because they won’t like to miss an ‘important match’ and not just businesses, people’s engagements in the church are sometimes shoved aside too. And many who participate in the activities are not there with their whole heart; they wish that such activities could be canceled so that their mind will be free from some kind of judgment within. The fact is that during world cup, the number of people that goes for church meetings reduces; this is noticeable in the weekly activities.  And if eventually a match is to be played on a Sunday, it will affect the turnout in the church because many will like to forgo the Sunday service.

As the turnouts dwindles so also the church offerings and other monetary contributions dwindles. It means that whereas people in the world are growing economically the pocket of the church is downsized. Another thing to point out is the factor of spiritual growth. Since the level of turnout is reduced, the number of people who would have added some spiritual values to their spirituality also reduces. During this period of time many believers are cut in the quagmire of football arguments and as a result such grows into physical demonstration and verbal abuses. The implication of this is that their spirit-man suffers a spiritual dwarfism which is not a good one for the believer.

 This is not a medium to tell believers not to watch the world cup but they should be cautious while doing that and again they should not allow the match fixtures to clash with their activities in their respective churches. And most importantly no result of any match played should have any place in their heart. Happy World Cup Season!