The World Cup And Animal Sorcery

No doubt the round leather game is the most famous and popular game in the world today. It draws the attention of all sundry even in the remotest part of this earth. All the participating team has one thing their mind is focused on and that is to win their opponent by any means possible. So the teams are not just playing to win with the best tactical ability they have but they also rely on certain seeable and unseen forces to play to their favour. Therefore, good luck and favoritism becomes a partner in the game of football, the players rely on these two elements to help them upturn the table to their favour. Since no one knows for sure how a game is going to come to end until the last minute, many of the stakeholders on pitch and off pitch have decided to implore the hand of sorcerers to foretell them what the outcome of a match would be like. 

This development in football has graduated from human sorcerers to the stage of animal sorcerers. Some years back it was an octopus that was making the prediction and most people if not all the football fans and team owners relied on its prediction. Somehow along the line, most prediction made by this animal was coming out true. As a result of this many were carried away and they never questioned the credibility of the predictions of these animals. In this year’s world cup, the predicting job has left the octopus and the pig is the famous predictor and it has won many accolades in its job. I overheard someone saying that the pig has predicted that the Nigerian team (Super Eagles) will get to the semifinal of this world… Well this evening the pig fall “the hands’ of many Nigerian as they could not lift their heads this evening because they lost a crucial match. 

It is baffling that, human beings with all the high level of intelligent in them could stoop very low and denigrate their human position by adhering to the prediction of animals. So animals are leading humans and telling them what their future would be like and they believe wholeheartedly. This is shameful! This is one of those insults and humiliations human beings have incurred to themselves, and if care is not taken within a short period of time this will upgrade to another level that will lead to worshipping of such animals. 

The question is how can a pig and an octopus be dictating and detecting the pace for humans?