Welcome To The Voice Crying In The Wilderness - Topic: Praise And Worship (Part 1) By Pastor Afolabi Dollars

Welcome To The Voice Crying In The Wilderness - Topic Praise And Worship (Part 1)

We need to understand that the fact that "God" is mentioned in any song does not make the song the GOSPEL, and if "God" is not mentioned in some spiritual songs doesn't mean its not a song for the GOSPEL!
I just don't understand why some believers get carried away by some empty/vain secular songs just because "God" was mentioned in it!
The main reason this modern church is being influenced by the world she's supposed to be influencing is because the church has become so in tune with entertainment instead of the kingdom assignment!
God, SHAKE this lukewarm church to its foundation and have mercy Lord!
Come Lord Jesus!
#Praise and worship

I recalled about 3 yrs ago, the "rave of the moment" song I was hearing all over the place was "if I get alert, na God win"; this secular song really went viral that even "believers" sing this song passionately! Some "churches" have even incorporated it into their list of "praise&worship" songs!
A saxophonist wanted to "minister" to a particular congregation, but after saying "be blessed as you listen", the next thing in the air was the outburst of this very same song from his instrument to the congregation, which he also played passionately.
Hey, mr saxophonist! You should have said "be ENTERTAINED as you listen", because that wasn't "blessing" the congregation, that was entertaining them!
If you get alert, na your pocket win! Where & when God WINS is where we WIN SOULS into the kingdom!
Till I come your way again keep worshiping and praising God!