Advancement Of Dressing Pattern In Christian Women (Part Two) - Nehita Oyamendan

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“Dress The Way You Want To Be Addressed”

In this part of the word and I hope is a general mores all over the world that a person’s personality is scaled firstly by the kind of dresses he or she adorns. So, one is assumed rich if he or she adorns costly materials on his or her body; though in reality, he or she is poor. Simply put, apparently, clothing is seen as a means to identify someone’s status, silhouette or ranking on the scale of riches and wealth. The same thing is applicable on the spiritual circles and arena; dresses are used to evaluate someone’s spirituality. That is to say that the way one dresses would of course send the message to people that he or she is spiritually ‘sound or weak’.

The fact is that no matter the understanding people have about clothing, clothing is emphatically spiritual than physical, we can see that in the Old Testament, ranging from Exodus to Leviticus, when the people of Israel commits sin, they were ordered to wash their clothes and to make it clean in order to typify their level of cleanliness before God. Therefore, clothing as it stands signify purity in the sight of God; this draws attention to the fact that putting on clothing shouldn’t be something that should be done anyhow but something that should be done minding one’s spirituality.

In the last episode I stated that clothes were and are still made for ‘COVER’ and not to expose one’s body because if clothes isn’t covering then they shouldn’t be called clothes. The reality is that as Christians and mostly as Christian women, we should be modest in appearance as said in 1Timothy 2:9a “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel..”. This implies that as Christian women we shouldn’t be ruled or construed by the kind of fashion that is obtainable in the world so that we cannot be taken over by it. It is apt to say that the Church is a sacred place, and whether one agrees to this fact or not, it doesn’t change the reality of this statement. However, as a sacred place, the kind of clothes we put on to Church if not accordingly is tantamount to defilement of the sacredness of the Church. 

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I said that to say this: take for instance; when women wear clothes that reveal their bodies, such clothes give them the tag of prostitutes, here I am not trying to offend some people who might see this statement as offensive but I am trying to be real and frank. There is this weak alibi that people who normally put on this skimpy clothes to church gives and that is “God doesn’t look at the outward appearance but he looks at our hearts”. In other words, God cares much about whom we are in the inside and not how we look outside. This is statement is sure and true but the question to consider is this, how about the brother sitting close or beside you; don’t you think you are making him to propagate lustful thoughts? And remember the bible says in Matthew 5:28 that “But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” 

Imagine yourself as a Christian woman making yourself available as a means for brothers in the Church to commit adultery as a result of the kind of cloth you put on to church services. Considering the statement that men are moved by what they see, so I believe that as cautious women of God that are spirit filled we should shun this kind of lifestyle and embrace the modesty that have been made for us. Let’s use our dressing to prove the limpidness of the church!

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