Bible Class Topic: Evangelism – Dealing With Persecution

It is an emphatic statement if one says that Christianity is synonymous with persecution. In other words, persecution is a way of life in the Christendom. Therefore, every right minded Christian should expect persecution even from people or means he or she least and never expected (2 Tim 3:12, Acts 7:52).

Text of interest:

“Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.” (Jn 15:20).

Interesting fact to hold on is that persecution cannot separate us from God, so this being on our mind will help us to get over persecution when it comes. (Rom 8:35)

How and why Persecution comes:

Kinds Of Persecution

There are two kinds of persecution, namely external and internal persecution. All or every persecution will definitely be located in any of these.
1.    Persecution comes simply because of who you believe in (as Christian) Matt 10:22, Jn 15:20 Matt 10:25 – example the global terror against Christian, Gay attacks, etc.
2.    Persecution comes as a result of what you believe even in the fold (Matt 10:36)
3.    Jesus family persecuted Him because who He said He was, (Matt 7:3-5).
4.    Persecution comes if one starts to preach something different from the usual or norms – (Acts 13:50, Gal 5:11, Acts 23:21)…. James involvement here. (Acts 21:20-22).

Our Reaction To Persecution

1.     Rejoice if you are persecuted (Matt 5:10 -12, 2Cor 2:10, Jas 1:2)
2.    Pray for them, don’t pray that they should die or be in trouble (Matt 5:44)
3.    Be peaceful (Heb 12:14) Answer some people’s prayer!

How To Avoid Persecution

1.    Pray for deliverance from evil men, and also for the direction of the holy ghost (Ps 32:8, Isa 30:21, Rom 8:14).
2.    Seek for wisdom (Matt 10:16).
3.    Keep personal evangelism secret especially when you have pinpointed the reason the person is still in the sin (Matt 13:10-11).
4.    When there are so many disagreements with the people you work with/preaching to, separate from them (Acts 15:38-39).
5.    Avoid unnecessary arguments (Titus 2:7-8, 2Tim 15-17).
6.    Don’t continue if your credibility and believe is not valued, (1Tim 4:12)
7.    Don’t go talking politics (Mk 6:24) Jesus didn’t talk about politics.
8.    Don’t go talk about people’s sin, talk about Jesus He is the issue, if they have Jesus they will forgo their sins

How To Escape From Persecution

1.    Flee from it (Matt 10:22-24)
2.    Example: Angel told Mary and Joseph to take Jesus and run to Egypt ( Matt 2:13, 15)
3.    Jesus flee from persecution as well (Jn 14:12-13)
4.    The apostles flee from persecution as well.
Prayer – That God will grant us the wisdom that is needed to overcome persecution.