Christian Author Wynter Pitts Dies 'Suddenly' at 38; Daughter Trusts 'God Is in Control'

Wynter Pitts, a well-known Christian author, speaker and founder of For Girls Like You magazine, died "suddenly" on Tuesday. She was 38 and leaves behind her husband and four young girls.
News of Pitts' passing was announced by her husband, Jonathan, on her Instagram account.

In the post published on July 25, he wrote: "Wynter was taken from us suddenly but we know that she was only taken into the hands of the God that she loves with her whole heart. Though we grieve, we are doing so with hope. And though we hurt, her life and her legacy will continue on through each one of us, especially my four daughters. Thank you for your prayers, specifically for them."

Wynter's eldest daughter, Alena, who starred in the hit movie "War Room," also talked about the passing of her mother, recounting the final moments before her untimely death.

"On July 24, 2018 Jesus took my precious mommy off this earth. It happened within a couple hours and was so sudden. My heart hurts like never before. Comfort seems far. Anxiety is extremely present. It still feels like a dream that I 
will wake up from soon. I will remember those thirty minutes for the rest of my life. And I will remember the pain I felt as I found out," she said.

Despite the pain and grief, she said she can't forget what the surgeon, who is a family friend, told her that day: "You serve a big God. A big God. Don't you ever forget that."

"Obstacles will be thrown at me but my God is still there. He knows what he's doing and he's got a plan. I say this not by sheer will but through faith," she continued. "In the moment, his plan may seem outrageous and I may not understand. I continue to ask myself why me. Why did He choose my family?But I'm reminded He's in control. So even as I weep and grieve, I can smile with joy because I'll see her again. Even now she's been throwing little winks at me. Please be praying for my family as my three younger sisters and I have lost our mommy and my dad has lost his best friend."
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