Christian Participation in Politics (Part 1) Daniel Osato Edegbe Uddo

The argument whether Christians should participate in Politics has been on for donkey years and having the African political system in mind, Christians have been shying away from participation and involvement at all levels because of the structural Build-Up.

 Africa as a larger entity and Nigeria as a case study, we saw the way criticism was disrespectfully dished and served to vice president Prof Yemi Osinbanjo for his participation in government with a considerable reason that politics is not a game for Christians because of its corrupt and ambiguous setting, void of honesty and fair judgment.

 We will critically look into this and at the end we will decide if Christians should desire a seat in the Round table of Government or not.
 I will break this Topic into three parts 1-Politics. 2- Christianity 3-Participation   and they will be brief and precise as possible.

Firstly I will like to draw our attention to some terms and meaning
A) Political
B) Politics
       A) Political as a word/term is beyond government and politics of a state.  It concerns anything, institution or gathering of two or more persons.  So even a family is a political institution.

      B)  Politics - we will because of time and space consider just two popular meanings of politics
1. The authoritative (legitimate political power) allocation of values - David Easton
2 The process of who gets WHAT, WHEN and HOW - Harold Laswell.

Looking at these definitions, we see that there is chain of distribution of values (value would mean; worth, preference, social needs, democracy, equity, liberty etc). So "who gets" is determined by "who shares" and how he shares (process). 

Values flow from an authority (ruler) to the masses through a process of government. So what we get as a society is dependent on who is on the seat of authority. The laws that are made, the equity and liberty, the freedom, democracy and social rights, flow of resources are all dependent on the authority.  So the disposition of those in authority affects everyone in the society, Whether Christian or non-Christian.

 Proverbs 29:2
"When the Righteous are in authority the people rejoice, but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.  KJV"
"When good people run things everyone is glad MSG"
"When the (uncompromisingly) righteous are in authority the people rejoice AMP"

I will put it this way-
When those that have the mind of Christ share Values, everybody is served. And everyone goes home happy. Or simply put "when a good and forgiving person shares food in a ceremony, she doesn't look at faces in order to punish her enemies but gives to all; as a result everyone is part of the merriment" (reference Matthew 5:45).

In the next part, we shall examine who a Righteous leader is and the difference between a righteous person and a Christian.

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