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Will somebody trust you just because you say you are a Christian?
In the first part we talked about politics, now we will briefly look at Christianity.

Who truly is a Christian?

Imagine a kidnapper well known for his notorious deeds being paraded before a judge in a court and he is asked, “Christian, pagan or Muslim?”  and he boldly says Christian, just because he belongs to or has fellowship in one parish or local church , then a policeman who quotes Matthew 5:25 for you and tells you he is also a Christian like you but you have to do the needful. In the same manner a newly elected Christian who stands before the nation and swears with the bible to do all what is right and fulfill his promises, but never keeps to those words,swearing with the bible doesn't make him or her a Christian.
 And by the right Christian standard, I can boldly say many leaders in church are not even Christians!

A Christian as we often define Christ-like is totally wrong. A believer is not one who acts like Christ but is Christ. You will be very correct to not accept being called a Christian for this very reason.  As believers (Christians) we don’t imitate or act like Christ, we are Christ in this fleshy container.  I will quote a brother that said “I am not Princewill, but Christ living in Princewill’s body” not until we get this and have it applied we see that we are not different from the committed church goer who has not totally submitted to the cross and accepted Christ.

A righteous person is one whose ways are right and pleasing unto man, and this person may not be a believer (Christian) but they know what is right and wrong in the sight of man.
There are such leaders who have ruled great nations with so much morality and rightness , then one may now say if being righteous is seen to be good why do we now need to be believers .(I will not want to talk about Cornelius in Acts 10:22).

A man seen to be righteous by man is a man that his ways pleases man. A man who has respect for Human rights, he believes in the freedom to do anything but not affecting anyone, a leader that governs one of the TEN FREEST STATES because his way and governance is right, but Proverbs 14:12.

It is not enough to be righteous but what is the basis and the score sheet of that righteousness, is it man’s way of God’s way.  Righteousness should not be by works or Human assessment but that which comes by believing (the believers righteousness) the righteousness by Christ Himself, doing the will of God always, when this believer is in power, the people truly have a reason to merry and rejoice. The leader that knows the mind of Christ and waits on God for instruction before he acts, that is a righteous leader.

So a so called Christian may not be righteous and a righteous person may not have the mind of Christ, but a believer is righteous and lives the life of Christ.  This implies that the standard set by so many in public offices that ascribe Christianity to their names is not really the standard of Christ and therefore, their standards shouldn’t be the yardstick to measure Christian standard.


  1. Should a Christian become political?

    The moment a Christian becomes involved in politics; certainly, he will belong to a cacaus group in the political party. And for the fact that he joined a political party, that makes him political.


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