Dr. Abel Damina And Thirty Days Of Titivating Glory In The Word of God

Today is the fourth day of season five of 30 days of glory. It is a word full impacting program organized and powered by Powercity International Church in Uyo Akwa Ibom State Nigeria. The senior pastor of the Church Dr. Abel Damina placed the onus on himself to teach his congregation the word of God for 30 days from the 1st of July to 31st of July of every year. This program has been going on for virtually five years and the ever determined minister is not looking tired in carrying out this responsibility to his congregation. The preacher whose aim is to ensure that every member of his church and his adherence all over the world is taught the word of God; has designed this program to make sure that the word of Christ is richly dwelling in them.

During this period of time, the hearts of all the ministers, pastors and Christians who are listeners to Dr. Abel Damina’s teaching all over the world are fully expecting new revelation from Papa as he is fondly called by his spiritual sons and daughters. Dr. Abel Damina is regarded as a preacher that is well vast in the knowledge of the scripture and in recent time he has opened the minds of many believers to the realities of what the Grace of God stands for. Young preachers and ministers who are embracing his kind of teaching gestures are full of gratitude and have renamed him the Apostle Paul of our time.

While Dr. Abel Damina’s acceptance is growing among many young minsters and few elderly ones. On the other hand, there has been a big backlash from older generation ministers who distaste his teachings because they see it as something outside the norm. They are of the position that his pattern of grace teaching is a license to sin and mostly there is this repugnant and repulsive disposition they have against his stance when it comes to tithing and some monetary collections in the church.

However, to all his followers, they are happy with him because to them they are learning much and acquiring knowledge that has eluded them for years. As far as they are concerned, this year’s thirty days of glory will never be an exception.