Evangelism – Prison Evangelism the Societal Benefits

There are fluctuations in life and life is full of uncertainties that one cannot be very certain about what the wave or gesture of life will bring to him or her. So there is this constant postulation in dealing with life and the issues it brings because no one can factually say that he is sure of what the next minute will bring. As a result of this one can walk into something that he never planned for, and sometimes the result is that fortune has smile on him and vice visa.

The fact is that some issues that people walk into are not really planned out but coincidentally people found themselves in situations. Take for instance, someone who drove his vehicle out for work, didn’t plan in his heart that he’s going to use his vehicle to kill another. But it is not out of place to hear that people are facing charges of murder from accidents involving their vehicles and because of that they are held behind bars. It will surprise you to know that so many people who are criminals today never planned to be that way but because of bad company, they are caught up in the habit and are declared criminals.

The lowest point in a man’s life is when his freedom is being taken away from him. The only place a man doesn’t really have his freedom is the prison, if one is imprisoned; it means by default his freedom has been limited. It implies that he wouldn’t have the right to do many things he does while he was held behind bars. Sadly enough, most people who are held behind the bars are not guilty but they cannot claim that, until their innocence is proven beyond reasonable doubt. This shows that one can be held for an offense he is guiltless of for many years depending on the length of the litigation.

It is an unpleasant experience for one to realize that he has done nothing and he’s being held behind the bars. This kind of situation has led many to take some drastic decision like committing suicide and being involved in some nasty engagements. The fact is that sometimes one doesn’t need to commit something before he can find himself behind the bars. Take for instance; there are so many Christians all over the world that are imprisoned because they have gone to witness Christ to people. Though, this is synonymous with Christianity, it happened to the early apostles and it is still happening till date. However, one cannot take away the fact that they have done no evil and therefore, imprisonment shouldn’t be their portion. 


One thing to notice among prisoners is that they are relieved when people visit them; it helps to alleviate the burden of abandonment and loneliness. It is a rejuvenating moment to behold, because in most cases that is when you see prisoners having a moment to cheer up. It revives their sagging spirits when they see someone coming to see them and it doesn’t have to be a close relative. The best visitor that comes to a prisoner is Jesus, and He comes through the purveyor of the gospel. So visiting prisoners with the gospel is absolutely bringing Jesus into their lives.

The only thing that can penetrate the heart of man and turns it around for good is the gospel, because it is the power of God unto salvation. The gospel has the power to set people who are imprisoned free and they are free indeed. The gospel penetrates the hearts of criminals and turns it to a malleable one, and we have seen on several occasions where some criminals come out of the prison being born again. This is because they received the gospel in the prison, if no one goes to the prison to preach the gospel, this category of people will be freed from the physical prison but they will remain locked up in the spiritual prison.

It is pertinent that the church should move massively in the direction of prisons to evangelize its occupants. A soul won in prison is worth great value to the Kingdom of God and very important to the society. Imagine a hardened criminal who has been terrorizing a community coming out of prison a changed person. The result of this will be a huge peaceful atmosphere that will be enjoyed by the community. And it didn’t stop at that, the criminal will be found evangelizing other criminals and by so doing our society is rid of criminal activities.

And if there is a place to preach the gospel and souls will be harvested and the process yields great spiritual and physical dividend it is the prisons. For this course, the church should not relent in venturing in that area as often as they can.