Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton Reveals Prayer Is Central in His Life

Four-time British Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton, who is poised to become that country's richest sports star when he signs a nearly $160 million contract extension with Mercedes, says his Christian faith particularly prayer is now playing a more central role in his life.

Hamilton, 33, revealed in a Formula 1 podcast that he believes when it comes to prayer, people have to make time because it can result in powerful transformations.
"You have to make time for things and every morning I have breakfast and before I eat, I pray. Every time I eat, actually, I pray. So, whether it's a couple of seconds, a minute or whatever you are praying for, take that moment. Everyone is talking, and I say, 'Sorry, one second' and you just make the time," he said.
"One Sunday, for example, I couldn't wait because I'm going to church. Wake up, get to church and then I have meetings afterwards. I go with a couple of my close friends, we meet, we go for breakfast and then we go to church together. We leave most often feeling enlightened and empowered, it's like a re-centering. Sometimes you leave, and you are like 'I didn't get that today,' but most of the time you leave and you are like 'Wow, I know where I am going,'" he explained.

Though vocal about his faith now, Hamilton, who is Catholic, revealed in an interview with tennis star Serena Williams for Interview Magazine last summer that he used to be insecure about making his faith public.
He got over that insecurity when he got to Formula One, the highest class of single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile.
"I used to be insecure about the fact that I'm Catholic and that I have a relationship with God. It wasn't until I got to Formula One that I really started to embrace it and feel comfortable showing it," he told Williams.
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