Amsterdam: From drug dealer to preacher

With most of his early life filled with violence and crime, Joshua Kotadiny says he should be dead. But during his darkest moment, God broke in

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, where my parents were serving the Lord. My father was known as the Nicky Cruz of the Netherlands because he was formerly a drug pusher and a gangster, but God changed his life and he became an evangelist doing crusades.

When I was young, we all moved to Los Angeles, while my dad did a year of mission and training with a view to later setting up a ministry for drug addicts in the Netherlands. That time abroad was difficult for me as I missed my father’s presence in the house: he and my mother were busy all day, helping addicts and gang members. The culture difference was also huge: I used to fight with Latino children a lot. They tried to tease me, but I fought back. I turned from a sweet boy to an aggressive kid. I stole people’s belongings from their pockets in church. By the time we moved back to Amsterdam I was a problem child.

My friends and I spent our time stealing, smoking and hanging on the streets the whole day. I remember robbing a white student – I hated white people back in those days.

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