How God Imbued The Process That Sustains The Earth

However, in the earth (soil) we have large deposits of mineral resources. Though some of these minerals are not visible but they can be detected by any means possible. From these minerals the plants and some minute organisms feed and nourish themselves. And then the animals feed on the plants and nourish themselves indirectly with the minerals that are found in the soil. 

The air is filled with gaseous substances that the plants and animals inhale into their system and refresh themselves with. This flawless system indicates an act of professionalism on the side of the Creator of the earth, and of course evidence has shown that there is no better way the earth would have been sustained except this way He has put in place. 

As the process continues, the creatures on the face of the earth continue to exist and flourish to maintain their existence and lasting generations. This is a demonstration of what the hand of a perfect Creator can do. A system and process that is flawless.