Israel: Christians Deliver Powerful Declaration To Knesset Repenting For Anti-Semitic Atrocities

"I can't change the past. I can't even change the perception of these atrocities. But I can do something good right now. I can be sensitive to the truth. I can change the paradigm by interacting with Israel in a positive way as a devout Christian, in direct contrast to what was done in the past. I am better for this because now I am free, or at least on my way." -Bob O-Dell

A simple act of contrition by a devout Christian led to a powerful meeting in the Knesset and will hopefully lead to a global initiative to heal the difficult and painful history between Jews and Christians. (Photo: Christian and Jewish delegates present speaker of the Knesset (Parliament) Yuli Edelstein (center, back row) with a declaration for Christian repentance/Credit: Donna Jollay/Breaking Israel News)

On Monday, 16 Christian and Jewish delegates met in the chambers of Yuli Edelstein, Speaker of the Knesset, and presented him with a declaration signed by 1,500 Christians in which they expressed a desire to comfort the Jewish people for crimes done to them.

"We the undersigned recognize the long and horrific history of anti-Semitic atrocities committed against Jews in the name of Christ," the proclamation read. "We repent for these actions, pray to God to continue turning the hearts of Christians to true love for His Chosen People, and submit this declaration to the representative of Israel and the Jewish People."

The proclamation is based on a list of these atrocities, focusing on those occurring on the ninth and tenth days of the Hebrew month of Av...

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