Man’s Wisdom And His Spiritual Inclination

The spiritual inclination as regards to man has a lot of role to play in the development and effect of wisdom in the life and activities of man more than choice of lifestyle and profession in that the later rightly depend on the former. One’s spiritual inclinations must affect the kind of lifestyle and in most cases also affect the kind of profession one chooses in life. The truth is that one grows in wisdom in the area that one has chosen to make a living or has decided to explore in order to contribute to the improvement of that particular area.

Therefore, as wisdom continues to grow in all facets of man’s endeavors, its impact continues to tell on man both in a positive and negative manner. So if there are positive and negative effects of man’s wisdom towards him and other creatures; it is important therefore, to say that wisdom can be seen to be negative just because it has a negative effect on man and possibly other creatures. In the same vein wisdom can be regarded as positive because of the positive effect it has on the life of man and other creatures. This implies that these effects can be traced to the spiritual inclination of the particular individual propagating and projecting the wisdom. There is no way we can separate this fact from what is going on in our world today, because there are two realities that are playing paramount roles in the life of humans, mostly on this planet earth.

The wisdom from these realities is at work and manifesting for the growth and projection of its existence and is being conveyed by human vessels who are members of any of the realities. For instance, the wisdom displayed in the fashion and entertainment industries rightly points out to which reality it is manifesting from. Based on this fact it is understandable that wisdom can be categorized as a spiritual attribute that has dual origins, which is the domain of light and the domain of darkness.

Deducing from the concept that wisdom can be categorized as a spiritual vector or quality that can emanate from any of the spiritual domains, consequently, it is right to say that wisdom can be considered sanctified and unsanctified because of its origin. Any sanctified wisdom is proven by the inviolable and undefiled nature of its end product; which is ascertained by its effect on man and other creatures. Such wisdom is seen as a fulcrum that helps to enhance the dignity of man and as well generates a sense of peace and comfort, and places man and other creatures on the chat of value. What this implies is that, this kind of wisdom puts the value of man and other creatures as a priority. 

A sanctified wisdom brings hope, and revives sagging lives, it reveals and warns man of the danger ahead and brings solutions in the time of need. A sanctified wisdom is always in line with the will of the Creator of the Earth. This kind of wisdom can be regarded or known as divine because it reviews the will of the Creator in the life of people and warns them of misguided attitude against the principles He has put in place to govern the Earth.