President Buhari, Please Stop the Muslim Slaughter of Nigerian Christians - Michael Brown

Babies are being hacked to death. Children kidnapped. Women raped and savaged. Young and old burned alive. Houses destroyed, livestock plundered. Muslim herdsmen are massacring their Christian neighbors while the Nigerian media misreports and the Nigerian government refuses to act. Some even claim the government is complicit in these attacks.
President Buhari, as the watching, worldwide community, we appeal to you to act decisively and put an end to this horror. Right now, sir, many believe that there is blood on your hands. Please show the world that this is not true.
A Christian colleague texted me from Nigeria on June 25, "Did yesterday's killing of over 200 in plateau state make the news? Babies chopped to death. Charred bodies loaded into trucks and buried in mass graves. Many missing including my host's friend. Herdsman to blame. Weeping here."
I could only shake my head in sadness. Not a word about the slaughter in our media.
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