President Duterte Repudiates the existence of hell, Says Only 'Stupid God' Would Create Hell’

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte failed to last 24 hours in his promise to stop attacking the Catholic Church, after he suggested in a speech that only a "stupid God" would create Hell. He also questioned Heaven and then ended up apologizing to God.

Duterte had agreed on a moratorium against making statements against the Catholic Church earlier in the week following a meeting with Archbishop Romulo Valles of Davao, but in a speech before businessmen on Tuesday he was back to making questionable statements, UCANews reported.

Duterte said that God "never created Hell because if He created Hell, He must be a stupid God."

"My God is not stupid to create man just to burn him in Hell. I do not believe in that," the president declared.

He also questioned the existence of Heaven, telling the audience that if he believed in it, "only a fraction of you will ever enter Heaven."

Duterte later met evangelical leader Eddie Villanueva of the Jesus Is Lord Movement, where he offered an apology of sorts for his remarks earlier.

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