Talk To Talking Christianity – Pastor Joshua Uddo of Faith In Christ Grace Church Spoke With TC

Talking Christianity had a swell time speaking with Pastor Joshua Uddo. The pastor who got saved in his young age in a predominantly Catholic church family, didn’t find it easy but his consistency to the faith helped him convinced virtually all the members of his family to Pentecostal belief. He said, while growing up as a young believer he had to forgo some pleasurable things of this life and got himself focused so much on the things of God. It got to the point that he picked the option of leaving his family home to go and stay with his pastor. He said he had a kind of Elisha and Elijah relationship with his pastor.

Pastor Joshua shared with TC some of the ordeals (though he considered such things not ordeals but part of the things that comes with ministry) he went through while evangelizing. He said that he and some other brethren encountered a situation where a woman they were trying to preach the gospel to, went inside her apartment and brought a container of urine and poured it on them. Initially, they thought it was an ordinary water but later on they discovered it was urine, well, according to him such embarrassment didn’t deter them but helped them developed thick skin in the job.

However, he also said that no matter the ordeal he passed through in those days, what kept him moving on was the vision he got from God. That in that vision, the aim and objective of his calling was spelt out for him. The vision didn’t come to him once, but on several occasions, he heard God telling him to go preach and save souls from condemnation. This vision was his source of motivation and because of it he finds it difficult to veers away from his calling irrespective of the hardship, persecution and all fluctuations in life.

Pastor Joshua, who is blessed with five children that are participating actively in the ministry, expressed his gratitude to God for giving him a wife who is very altruistic in nature. He equally said that he learnt the act of sacrifice from his wife and stressed the need for believers to deeply get themselves involve in sacrificial acts. He noted that it is only by this we can demonstrate the nature of God in us. He frowned at the gesture of many men of God who have become selfish in their approach in the things concerning humanity; he condemned such behavior and stated is not of God.

Pastor Joshua Uddo, who is the General Overseer (G.O) of Faith In Christ Grace Church, stated that before he came to the conclusion to set up the ministry in 2013, he was deeply involved in evangelism for about two decades, preaching from one state to another and even to some west African nations. However, He said the mission and goal of Faith In Christ Grace Church is all about bringing people to Christ and establish them in the knowledge of Christ, helping to develop their lives and building people not just the physical church building.

Meanwhile, he used this opportunity to counsel young ministers and pastors in the ministry to always remain focus in their calling and that they should not allow material gains to divert their attention from God.

Subsequently, TC shall bring to you, the full video clip of this interview with this wonderful minister and servant of God. Do not miss it.

Nehita Oyamendan - Talking Christianity