The Holiday/Vacation Job - Having The Church In Mind

There is nothing as pleasant and refreshing as one easing himself from his normal daily routine engagements. I mean one’s body is not wood. So it is expected of those of us who are involved in strenuous and even sedentary jobs to once in a while, at some point in time every year to ease ourselves from our jobs and have some breath of fresh air somewhere. The benefit of being on vacation once in a while cannot be over accentuated because it is a need that shouldn’t be avoided considering the importance of it in all ramifications.

Take for instance; there are people who are engaged with their jobs to the degree that it is very difficult for them to have quality time with their family members, children inclusive. This category of people probably don’t even spend about an hour a day with their children and as result there is this parental cum motherhood/fatherhood care lacking in the life of their children. Therefore, to this category of people, the need for holiday or vacation is non-negotiable, because they would like to use the holiday period at least to get close to their children and give them what they have been missing from them.

It is apt to say that their busy schedules with their jobs is not just affecting their relationship with their physical family, it is as well affecting their relationship with their spiritual family. It is not out of proportion to say that these people do not have enough time to give attention to their spiritual engagements and as a result, spiritually most of them are bankrupted. One can rightly say that, the opportunity to holiday is a very welcome idea to them and it should be a time for them to properly fine-tune their spiritual track and fill up the potholes on it.

To this category of believers it is important that while they are holidaying, they should make it a point of duty to consider taking a vocation job with the churches, I mean by making themselves available in the areas their churches are lacking hands. They should consider working in the youth ministry as in pastoring or teaching inasmuch as they are knowledgeable in that area. Also departments like the technical unit, the media unit and even the evangelism are always in need of people.

Holidaying therefore, for them shouldn’t be a thing of whiling time away by sleeping much, partying much and traveling much. It is a time for one to up his game in the area of his spiritual life and updates himself. Also, it is a time to teach one’s children the word of God, I mean, making sure they are thoroughly brought up according to the stipulations of the scripture. So while we holiday in this period of time, let us remember to make it a thing that is spiritually impactful and for sure when we do, we will be refreshed spiritually and physically.