The Making Of The Earth

The earth is not an accidental entity. It came into being as a result of someone’s scrupulous and profound concept who by the existence of the earth wants to showcase the aptness and the richness of what His wisdom can offer. He meticulously designed all the features that are found on the face of earth and put them in place to suite the purpose for which they are made. He programmed a pattern and process that operate in a way that their sustainability and longevity are endured for a period of time designated for them.

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He imbued a system by which they can replenish or reproduce themselves in a way that their offspring carry their genes and as a result, typify their kind without variations. After designing and filling the earth with all that He deemed fit to be on the face of earth, God concealed and put them in their positions and place of operations. This shows that He was satisfied with the number of things that He created and each and every one of them was suitable for the purpose for which He made them; and as a result there is no need for future creation of things.

 Whatever we find out newly has been in existence right from the creation time, just that we were unable to discover them early enough. And in case there is a manifestation of a new thing such must stem from the old existing thing and must have a replication in attitude or nature of the old. This implies that its manifestation is as a result of an imbued process that has been established from inception.

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On the other hand I still believe that there are a lot of things in existence in the realm of God that He didn’t create and made them to manifest on the face of the earth because He didn’t deem them fit to exist on the earth.