The Nature Of Man And His Functions On The Earth - (Part Two)

Continued from the last episode:
This is important because without this nature it would be absolutely impossible for man to operate on the face of the earth. The earthen body of the man is what gives him the ability to function here on the earth, though the real man is an abstract being that is housed in this earthen body. Therefore, it would be right to say that man is an abstract being whose existence and activities are noticed through the vessel that he occupies. For instance, a computer set has two major components, the software and the hardware. 

The software is acceptably seen as the main computer but the reality is that there is no way the software can make its attributes known without the support of the hardware. Through the hardware, the software’s ability and function is rated and recommended. One has to point out here that eventually if anything happens to the software, the hardware becomes an empty vessel that is worth nothing.

This is what happens when the real man in the body leaves the body. The body becomes a useless carcass without a real content. Subsequently, man should be seen as that abstract being with the nature of God but exists in a body made of physical materials. However, there is a difference between man and God, and that is based on the fact that God does not live in a body like man, but in their real nature they have the same look and equally exhibit similar attributes. This statement is not to suggest that man is equal to God, but demystifying the word image and likeness.

Nevertheless, I am of the school of thought that in the real sense, the real man was not actually created, but he is an offshoot from God, who was designated to abode in the earth. On this note, the real man can be seen as an extension of God Himself, which is purposefully inducted to operate on earth with the character of God since he is made in the likeness of God. In order to elucidate on the statement above, the fact to accept is that it is the body that man occupies that God designed and created from the earthly material. As a result, on the day this physical body that man occupies is glorified, the limitation it has caused to man in terms of full expression of who he really is will be eliminated; and it is only then that the real nature of man will be displayed. 

The body which man lives in affords him the wherewithal to actually demonstrate God’s creative dexterity and wisdom aptitude that was imbued in him as he continues to explore the handwork of God on the face of the earth. But, whatever that man demonstrates in this earthen vessel is a little piece of pie of what his capabilities stands for, when the earthen vessel which he occupies is glorified.

As God created the earth, the principles He positioned in place makes the earth a physical place to be. On that note, whatever that must exist on the earth must have a physical body, and this body is for identification. That explains the reason for man to possess a physical body, and even if it is God who wants to come down to earth to operate He must take up a physical body; and God cannot besmirch His own principle. This demystifies the reason of the coming of God (Jesus Christ) in a body.