The Three Adams (Part Two)

Continued from the last episode

Case Study Text:

“And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual. The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven.” 

1 Cor 15:45 – 47 (KJV)

This power God gave to man enables him to affects and defiles certain principles and laws of genesis that are in place to stabilize the earth and its functions. It is possible for man to put in place devises and machineries that can utterly alter these laws in order to achieve his purpose. Also most importantly, this power to make choice will either cause him to dominate the spiritual and physical realm or forgo them. So with the power to make choice the destiny of man is in his hand and life in the earth is full of options. Whatever he opted for will definitely result into the kind of life he is to have.

However, interestingly, the man at this point was neither mortal nor immortal; because if he is mortal, there is no need for God to say to him you will die, of course every mortal being have to die. And if he is immortal, there is also no need to tell him that he will die because immortal beings don’t die. At this juncture it is therefore, his choice that will either make him mortal or immortal. God placed him in a garden that He has planted and in this garden is several trees that bears fruit for different purposes and there is a tree of life situated at the center of the garden, and there is another tree that bears the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. The tree of life is at the center, meaning that it is located in a position that is not hidden, so wherever one stands it is very conspicuous to behold.

Now God heartily and lovingly advised the man that He created to eat fruit of every tree in the garden and with an exception. The exception is the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God went ahead to warn the man of the consequence of eating the fruit of this tree, that in it is death. Of course, by implication it means that if the man doesn’t want to die he should as a matter of fact not eat the fruit of this tree and vice versa. It is very interesting to know that God never prohibited the man not to eat the fruit from the tree of life. The declaration stated that he is free to eat from it, and in this fruit from the tree of life is the existence of life (eternal life) and not death (eternal death). 

Again, here the power to make choice which God has given to the man has to come into effect. It is left for the man to either eat from the tree of life and live eternally, or eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and die eternally. Therefore, his decision will either land him into mortality or immortality that will of course decide his destiny either as a man that will live and die or a man that will live forever. If he becomes immortal, it means his connection with God will be intact because God is immortal and otherwise, he will live ordinary mortal life without the spiritual dominancy attached to it.

On the contrary, there is no physical fruit to eat, the earth or the Garden of Eden that God created and planted man in is symbolically the heart of the man or the core of the man. The heart also represents the kingdom of the earth, because out of it flow the treasures that are of manmade. Anything the eyes can behold that is not from genesis is a product of man’s heart and with the heart of man the surface and shape of the earth is being altered by man as he desires. The heart of man is priceless and God desires it most! At this point in time the man’s heart is fallow, that is why the word naked was used to describe the state of their being, because nothing has been planted into their hearts and as a result, they were neither mortal nor immortal. Just like a baby born into this world knew nothing until when he starts getting aware of what the environment is like and based on what attracts his heart he builds his knowledge.

The proclivity of the man’s heart will definitely determine what kind of knowledge he’s going to build and such will give a definition of how he can be described whether spiritual of natural. The fruit represent the thoughts of the man or the thoughts that will flow into the heart of the man. Taking the fruit of life means inclining or rooting himself on the spiritual awareness of his being and taking the fruit of knowledge of good and evil would mean that he has rooted himself on the physical consciousness of his being. Therefore, eating the fruit of life means the man establishing his heart in the spiritual and then such produces life and eating the fruit of good and evil means the man establishing himself on the natural and such produces death.

On this note, it is important to state that the heart of the man should and supposes not to be attracted and attached to the physical environment no matter how beautiful it appears because it passes away. The heart of the man as supposed should be etched on the spiritual environment, which of course reveals the glory of God in him. This is done by avoiding and scooping the heart above the thoughts that takes cognizant of what the physical environment can offer and establishes the heart on the thoughts of what the spiritual environment can offer (Rom 8:13).