Tribute To Believers Of Those Days

Some tens of years ago, most present Christian parents were the first set of Christian believers in their families and of course it wasn’t an easy situation for them because it requires so much tenacity for them stand strong in their faith. In those days, they faced so many persecutions from their family members, and so many of them were denied family decent up-bringing. There were situations where some of them were asked to cater for their education and were separated from some family benefits. The only option to regain these benefits is just the simple step of denouncing their faith in Christ.

In those days it was normal to see and regard believers as outcast and useless beings among their siblings. Most fathers wouldn’t like to hand over any reasonable business in their hands because to them, they will use their church, church idea to destroy the business. Some family secrets especially those traditional ones are kept away from them, because if they got to know, their disagreement will cause more harm than good to family. And because of the marginalization they faced from their family members some of the believers were living a wretched life even the ones from rich families. 

However, the unique thing about those believers was that they continued in faith, even in the presence of so many persecutions, they strived hard to overcome life challenges and as a result of their consistency in keeping to their faith, within some space of time, those mouths that spoke ugly things began to speak good things. These days they are seen as the best thing that has happened to their families. They fought the spiritual battles of their respective families and today so many families are no longer under the clutches of powers of darkness. Many among them are living better spiritually and materially than their family members expected of them. 

One of the things that enhanced their uplifting is the communal efforts that existed among them; they shared knowledge, business ideas and did business together and above all, they prayed together. This kind of love expression was their backbone and it really gave them the leverage above all the family humiliation they encountered.

The presence of brethren in their lives filled the vacuum created by the absence of family members. Their brethren became their brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and even uncles and aunts. They flourished together and lack nothing among themselves, they do business together and shared the little profit and were satisfied with whatever they have. This brotherly love helped spread the gospel fast and before long they have conquered many territories with the gospel. In those days, a big minister who has come to preach in a mega city crusade will prefer staying in one of the pastors’ house, eat and drink with the family than going to stay in one of the big hotels in the city. In those days, believers were very, very rich and at the same time very humble.

 With so much wealth under their lock and key yet they deny themselves the aristocratic life we see today among the believers.
Well, the time has come for us to ruminate about them and think of what we can learn from them.