Understanding The Blessing Of God And Its Principles

Blessing is a spoken word or declaration made over the life of an individual or a group of people and if rightly cared and managed can affect the life of others close and far. Therefore, blessing can be considered mostly important than any physical treasure one can receive, because receiving any treasure without the blessing which serves as the sustainer will amount to futility in the life of any individual. It is interesting to know that one who receives blessing and was not given any physical treasure will definitely turn things around because the blessing is the empowerment to do “all things”. Once declared, the blessing hits the target; it doesn’t veer from its target to another place. It comes to stay on the individual or group of people and sometimes begins an instant manifestation or is delayed. This delay may be caused by some factors we shall be discussing along the line of this series.
However, one thing important that we cannot lose sight of is that the pronouncement or declaration of blessing is not done for the sake of it. The blessing is declared as a means for the enforcement of a divine purpose in the life of an individual or group of people in order to establish on a generation and in most cases to generate an indelible mark(Gen 27:37 38).

Therefore, contain in the blessing is always the purpose of its declaration, the blessing cannot come upon an individual without the establishment of its purpose, if that is the case then is not the blessing is just a mere words spoken over the life of someone (Gen 12:2). The blessing is not empty, it comes with an empowerment that establishes the purpose and the purpose brings to reality it’s glaring and unavoidable presence.
It is vital for the carrier to understand the purpose of the blessing, and of course if the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. Therefore, understanding the purpose of the blessing is more important than receiving the blessing, because if the purpose is not understood for instant, the blessing becomes a useless venture on the recipient. The receiver has work to do, and that is he has to dig and seek assiduously to know the purpose of the blessing being bestowed on him, so that he will identify with it and begin to work to the actualization of it.

On the other hand, the purpose of the blessing is found in the message of the blessing; this implies that for one to understand what the blessing is, he must first of all understand the message of the blessing. The message of the blessing gives the face of what the nature of the purpose of the blessing is and any misinterpretation of what the message of the blessing is will definitely mean that the purpose will not be known. And if the purpose is not known, it will not be achieved.

Therefore, contain in the message of the blessing is the descriptive steps detailing the order and method by which the purpose can be carried out. One’s acumen on this is required and sometime it doesn’t need to come into effect based on one’s level of education but based one’s level of understanding though, optionally education can serve as a catalyst that will quicken some curiosities. This understanding is anchored on the strength of the inner man, which of course does not depend on education but on interest and revelation. The prevailing force here is keyed on the understanding of the message; once this is done, the understanding is sustained by the receiver.

 However, one cannot talk about the understanding of the massage without talking about what fuels the understanding. Since the blessing comes in a word form (the seed), and it takes the ear to listen to words and it takes the heart to accept and conceal what is being spoken, therefore, it requires that the collaboration of the ear and the heart is needed to understand what is being said. So the understanding can only be achieved if the ear and the heart work together and that is what I call “concentration”.

So concentration is highly required when the blessing is being spoken in order to understand what the blessing is, but it doesn’t stop there, one need to have what I call a single eye, that is focus, while working with and in the blessing. This is vital because though one understood the blessing but with distraction along the line the blessing will not be maximally utilized in the life of the receiver.