“We Must Not Allow Religious Crisis In This Country To Become Uncontrollable” - Yemi Osinbanjo

The vice president of Nigerian Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo has said as Nigerians we must not allow religious crisis in this country to become uncontrollable. He urged Nigerians not to allow this menace to continue, because if Nigeria must survive as a nation they have to do away with religious crisis. Therefore, he advised all leaders in Nigeria to show restraint in this precarious moment.  

Meanwhile, he recalled that this kind of situation is an unexpected one considering how much efforts that have been made in order to instill peace in Plateau. However, he expressed his sincere condolences on behalf of the government of Nigeria to the families that lost their beloved ones in the crisis.  

It should be recalled that majority of the people that lost their lives in this recent crisis are Christians and that has been the case even in the past. The vice president who is also a Christian and pastor directed the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to quickly come to the aid of about 11,000 displaced persons and supply them with the relief materials as soon as possible.

He also assured his audience that the security operatives are in top gear in fetching the perpetrators of this heinous crime. He promised that none of them will escape the consequences of their action.