Welcome To The Voice Crying In The Wilderness - Topic: Praise And Worship (Part 2) By Pastor Afolabi Dollars

Praise And Worship Gone Wrong
For great is his steadfast love toward us; and the faithfulness of the Lord endures for ever. PRAISE THE LORD!"- Psalm117.

The above scripture is the shortest chapter in the book of psalms and in the entire bible, yet it carries the UNIVERSAL CALL TO PRAISE AND WORSHIP GOD!

However, most of us believe till today that when a song is fast in rendering, then that is PRAISE, and when a song is rendered slow, and then it is worship! My dear praise and worship leader, it is not true! Praise and/or worship have nothing to do with the tempo, beats, rhythms, speed (fast or slow) etc of a spiritual song! Get it church!

 "When I look into your HOLINESS; when I gaze into your LOVELINESS; when all things that surrounds me becomes shadows in the LIGHT of you; when I find the JOY of reaching your HEART; when my will becomes enthroned in your WILL; when all things that surrounds me become shadows in the LIGHT of you! I WORSHIP you; I WORSHIP you; the reason I LIVE is to WORSHIP you...." singing this song that makes me cry in His presence. 

Oh, How I love this part, "when all things (material or immaterial) that surrounds me become SHADOWS (insignificant, irrelevant) in the LIGHT of you! A lot of us are chasing shadows today, in this rat-race world! Stop chasing shadows and allow your will be swallowed up in His WILL alone! Instead of us to chase shadows, let us abide under the SHADOW of the Almighty!
Again, worshiping in buildings doesn't make us TRUE WORSHIPERS, but WORSHIPING in Spirit and in Truth does!

What makes you a TRUE WORSHIPPER is not a regular attendance in some magnificent building!
Let me paraphrase a statement made by Yeshua:
"DESTROY this temple and in 3days, I'll raise a better diMENsion of temple, the real temple, the temple not built with human hands; the very temple God Himself want to dwell in for fellowship, a different temple that no one can DESTROY!"
Praise the Lord somebody!

Pastor Afolabi Dollars wrote from Lagos Nigeria