Welcome To The Voice Crying In The Wilderness - Topic: Praise And Worship (Part 4) By Pastor Afolabi Dollars

I like this song:

"Today o, I lift up my voice in PRAISE, for I know, you are always there for me, almighty God, you are my all in all, NO MATTER WHAT I FACE, when TROUBLES come my way, I will PRAISE the Lord.."

What a great song of PRAISE that came through the Holy spirit, inspiring the singer but today's Christians have changed the end part of the song to "..when SUCCESS comes my way, I will praise the lord", and it’s been sung this way in "praise & worship" sessions of Nigerian 'churches' all over; haba! 

This is not the Gospel! Christians, due to the "popular gospel" has been conditioned in their minds to believe that it is only when "success" come their way, that is when they would praise God; this is why nobody will give a testimony in church until he/she buys a jeep, gets a visa, new job or gets married, etc, Noooo!

 I will PRAISE the Lord at all times, even in the very difficult times of TROUBLE! God respects more, the person who PRAISE especially in times of TROUBLE and not just only when all is well! This was the divine inspiration the writer of that song originally got from the Spirit! Repent today Christians!

PRAISE the Lord somebody!