Welcome To The Voice Crying In The Wilderness - Topic: Praise And Worship (Part 3) By Pastor Afolabi Dollars

Part Three
Praise And Worship Gone Wrong
 Last time we talked about the understanding of many Christians on praise and worship, especially the music leaders who believe that when a song has a fast tempo or rhythm, then its praise, but when it’s of a slow tempo or rhythm, then its worship; this is why they have the ignorant custom of singing the "praise" first, and then, the "worship"! Sincerely, I don't know where this came from; probably from the misinterpretation of Psalm150?

WORSHIP is bigger than what we've reduced it to! WORSHIP is bigger than us, bigger than the music and the musical instruments, bigger than the church, bigger than the world!
Music is just an aspect of worship, prayer is also an aspect of worship, our faith is still an aspect of worship, soul-winning is an aspect of worship, our lives, our service, our obedience, our love, giving, etc all point to worship!

WORSHIP is the reason we live!
It’s so sad that the trees, the plants, the oceans, the winds, the mountains, etc understand what WORSHIP is, even more than mankind that is created for WORSHIP; Have you seen the trees dancing without any musical instruments? Having you seen the oceans roar without any microphone or speaker? Have you seen the sea rising and falling in "worship" through its waves? Have you seen the birds sing without any keyboards, platforms or podium?

WORSHIP is when our will becomes enthroned in His WILL alone! WORSHIP is when all things that you cherish or long for, becomes just shadows, in the light of God alone! WORSHIP is when self is being crucified on a daily basis! WORSHIP is LIFE itself! TRUE WORSHIP is OBEDIENCE!
Most of us need to know that the first time the word "worship" was used in the bible, was when God told Abraham to take his only son Isaac to OFFER him as a LIVING SACRIFICE on mount moriah; Abraham was not told to carry any musical instruments or to sings slow tempo songs, when that word was first used by God Himself!

"Present your body as a LIVING SACRIFICE, holy and acceptable unto God, which is your spiritual act of WORSHIP"- Rom.12:1.