Who Is God Of Soccer?

While growing up in my locality soccer was and still is the most fascinating game among the young ones and also cherished by the elderly ones too. The round leather game is an influential game from every angle you look at it. It is a game that the players and the fans play their respective roles with great zeal. The fans and the players have one single goal and that is to win or to be on the winning side always. So you find players playing the game with all amount of zeal and the fans are highly committed in supporting their team to any level. Stories of fans being involved in fighting or arrested and even dying because of their team is not very scarce in our domain today.

And sadly sometimes a team might be winning comfortably and along the line, something happens and the table is turned upside down against it. And if one asks the rhetoric question of why it is so? The reply is “well, the god of soccer didn’t allow us to win the game, as you can see we played well.”

This implies that the god of soccer is the one who has the responsibility to ascertain the direction to which the winning pendulum should swing. Whatever he says happens and it means the players and all stakeholders are at his mercy. Take for instance a situation where a player whose initial aim is to strike the ball direct to the goal post, places his foot rightly on the ball, and then strike, suddenly discovers that he has played the ball wide away from the goal post. The implication here is that the god of soccer didn’t allow him to play the ball rightly. This is because the god of soccer is in charge of everything that happens on the pitch. Based on this notion is not out of place to find players praying to this god of soccer seeking his favour before the commencement of their match.

Well, considering the picture of this god of soccer that people have in mind, this god must be a very wicked, bias, partial god. How can one explain a situation where a team is winning and within a minute to round up the game, their opponent team equalizes and sometimes overthrow them from the game? How can one explain a situation where a referee denies a team an obvious penalty and thereby indirectly helping their opponent to win? Yes, these things can happen because the god of soccer is an evil god if you ask me. This is because; no justified God would allow such things to happen.

The irony is that many people think that this god of soccer is the God that created the universe. And because of this, many are thinking that God doesn’t love them and cannot favour them in their games. Is like well, he loves the other team better than us. In a match, therefore, the fans are assiduously singing songs to God and even many men of God gets involve and pray for their players to come out successfully in a competition. The scenario in the pitch is that the fans are found carrying bible, and other spiritual books looking upward and seeking God’s help in a match. And if they win, they attribute their winning to the effort they put in their prayers and proclaimed that God has made them win the game.

The question is, is God almighty part of soccer, and does God play football? Well, surprisingly, God almighty is not involve in soccer and has nothing to do with soccer.  Soccer is an imperfect game organized by imperfect beings called man and as a result there are so many imperfect results and decisions coming out of the game and frankly speaking it is normal. This explains why the rules of the game keep on changing incessantly. Simply put, soccer is an imperfect game man has organized to gratify his emotions, God is not in it, and therefore, God should be exonerated from the nasty outcomes we see in it.

Hence, it is correct to say that people should stop calling God in it. Let the team that is technically sound and fit and understands the politics and gimmicks of the game win. Is all man’s thing! But, is there anything believers can learn from the game of soccer? Yes there is, we can use the game of soccer as an illustration in teaching believers about things in the faith as Apostle Paul did in one of his epistles. However, soccer as it is has no spiritual benefit and if it doesn’t have any spiritual benefit, it is not of God.

The god of soccer is not the God almighty but that god which is very partial, bias and wicked, he is the god that controlled the Turkish referee to deny Super Eagles of Nigeria an obvious penalty kick.


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