Why Do You Go To Church?

The Greek word translated church is ekklesia  (ek-klay-see'-ah), it means the call out, simply put, the call out people. In the Hebrew rendering is something like the set apart people, or people separated apart for God. It implies that the church is made up of people who have been set apart for God. In other words, the consecrated people of God, the people that has identified with God and bears the ownership mark of God. These consecrated people gather in a place in one accord for the main purpose of rendering the act of worship to their God. The Church is the people that gather and not the building, though erroneously many refers the building as the Church.

The act of worship in a church involves so many ordinances, rituals and practices from the worshippers. These roles are distributed among them, so it is a collective effort of the people that makes up a complete worship to God. So in a church some roles have been typified for certain people based on their ability to carry out their duties in that aspect well. However, it is not everyone that comes to church finds himself participating in the roles, so we have what is called the pew.  The people who are in the pew do not have active roles to play but their presence in the building is highly needed for a complete church to be formed. 

The people who carry out roles in the church are called the clergies or ministers. They are made up of preachers (pastors), teachers, evangelist, apostles, welfare (administrators) and music minister (singers). This category of people is very few in number but they have the key positions and dictates how the church should be ran.

It is always the case in every Church that the pew out numbers the clergies and among the pew the church draws out feeders that replaces the clergies. This implies that every clergy at one time was among the pew, nobody was born with a clergy title. The performance of the clergies matters much in the sense that how well they perform in the sight of the pew will definitely determine how much pew they will draw and retain in the church. In fact, evidence has shown that based on the statement above, many among the pew comes to worship because they have discovered that, the preacher does his work very well, or that the teacher does his work well, or that the singers have such angelic voice in rendering their songs.  

Therefore, it is not surprising to hear people say why they attend so, and so church is because to them the preacher there has the Word, and that as far as they are concerned they are learning much from him. And some will say, though their preacher doesn’t have much word but the choir is their center of attraction. And some will confirm that the welfare ministry of the church is the best, though the singers and the preachers do not have the word they are sticking around. To some of us, these reasons above though real, shouldn’t be the reason for one to go to church every Sunday. The question therefore is, if these points should not be the reasons to go to church every Sunday what then should be your reason of going to Church every Sunday?
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