With Christ Dancers (WCD)

The "With Christ Dancers (WCD)" in concert: ‘Tagged Dance Expression 5’ was held in Benin City Edo State Nigeria yesterday being 22nd of July 2018 at the Bishop Kelly Pastoral Event Center. The occasion was very colorfully decorated to suite what the event stands for. The Talking Christianity crew members had an interview Nezel, Michael and AFD the three dancers behind the name WCD. The dancers who expressed their gratitude to God for the privilege they have in hosting the season 5 of their yearly dance concert.

They also told TC that as a group and as schoolmates they have been dancing for about 8 years and that their aim is to affect lives positively using their dancing talents as the pivot in the propagation of the gospel. For this reason also, they are using their yearly concert to promote upcoming dancers by giving them the opportunity to perform in their concert. When asked how they got the inspiration to project this kind of platform, they said the thought of impacting the lives of others through dancing has been their major source of inspiration.

However, Dance Expression 5 was absolutely amazing. The concert didn’t just feature dancers only but also huge number of gospel comedians, Rappers, Singers and even a live band in attendance. The most outstanding moment was when kid dancers who are known as The Dunamis took the stage and performed. Their age is within the bracket of 4-12 yet they expressed themselves in the dance in a very unique manner. Their superb performance crowned it up for Dance Express 5!