African American Pastor Says Democrats Want to 'Persecute Christians Into Silence and Submission'

The Democrat Party is becoming overrun with socialists who want to persecute Christians, a black pastor and political activist claims.

African-American Virginia bishop and conservative political activist E.W. Jackson has issued a solemn warning about the Democratic Party's embrace of socialism and has launched what he is calling the 2018 Campaign to Awaken the Church.

Jackson, an outspoken preacher who ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for Virginia's U.S. Senate seat this year, has issued a call to all Christians to vote in the 2018 primary elections this November in order to thwart off an attempt by the "socialist" Democratic Party to retake control of Congress and try to impeach President Donald Trump.

"Please hear me well. We are in the greatest spiritual battle for the future of our country since the Civil War," Jackson said in a recent video announcing the campaign, adding that polling shows that people between the ages of 18 to 29 are more likely to view socialism as positive than older generations.

"Socialism is Marxist ideology that denies the existence of God and places reliance on government. It has been responsible for mass starvation, torture, murder and enslavement. It allows no freedom of speech or thought. Christians are its primary enemy because we believe in freedom and we worship the only true and living God. Yet, self-described socialists are getting elected in our country," he said.

ackson is the founder of the non-profit STAND (Staying True to America's National Destiny) and the head pastor of Exodus Faith Ministries in Chesapeake, Virginia. STAND was founded in 2009 six months after President Barack Obama took office. It describes itself as a "a national organization dedicated to preserving life, the traditional family and our Judeo-Christian history and values as the Foundation of our Constitution and culture."

In his video announcement published last week, the 66-year-old Jackson explained how the Democratic Party is increasingly supporting and nominating self-proclaimed socialist candidates.

"We have had socialists elected to legislature in Virginia. A socialist was just nominated for Congress in New York — not to mention that without [2016 Democratic presidential nominee] Hillary [Clinton] cheating, the Democrat Party would probably have nominated a socialist for president," Jackson contended. "It is now fair to say that the Democrat Party has become a socialist party."

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