As A Christian are you facing this?

There is this saying that the spirit is strong but the flesh is weak. This statement was made by our Lord Jesus Christ when He was about to accept the offer to be separated from God because of man’s sin. Well, this statement is unique to Christ but it is also somehow a normal occurrence in the life of almost if not all His believers today. There is always this tendency to do more in their spiritual activities and in fact they would like to participate on a higher dimension but when they look around the environment speaks with a different tone. And sometimes if not all the time the environment is ready to offer something ‘adulating, ravishing and pleasurable’ when compare with what the material returns of their input is in the spiritual. 

Unfortunately or fortunately if you like, many have gone the way of the environment and have decided to pick colors from the environment and are now swimming in their ‘glories’ and today they are seen as icons. To those of them that have chosen or follow the lines of the environment it doesn’t matter at all, after all is all about unlocking some ends and boom you are there. And in fact this is how it is, inasmuch as you can comply with the environment as a pastor, artist, businessman, etc. within a space of time you are there on the top and basking in some kind of superficial glory. 

However, there are those who have decided not to take colors from the environment and for sure in them they have what it takes if not more to be what the people who have decided to take colors from the environment can offer. Right inside them they know that they can sing, dance, act and dig it better. They know that if they are out there, they will amass accolades easily but because they have decided not take colors from the environment it looks as if they are just nobodies. Yet, there is continuous mounting pressure that comes from colleagues and some family members to do something drastic about their situation. They keep on hearing words like, you know you are highly talented, I mean you are loaded, the next thing is to start comparing you with the latest guy that won an award how you are better than him or her. 

And somehow along the line you will begin to think that your contribution and participation in the Church of God doesn’t worth it, since it is not bringing in the needed ‘glories’ as obtainable from the environment. Of course, thoughts like this continue to pump in and it grows each day if allowed and such individual is found to be in a restless mode always. And the adverse effect of this condition is that all of a sudden you found out that your zeal and participation in the things of God begins to slow down and gradually it continues to fade and if care is no taken you found yourself fading out from the things of God. And suddenly some young guys in the ministry starts to hit the screen big time and you will be found narrating how you were the one that taught them how to handle keyboard, microphone and how to stretch their necks well while singing. That you were the one that gave him or her the needed exposure, because if you had not given him or her the opportunity to lead that day, so, so and so persons wouldn’t have discovered how good he or she is. 

Therefore, is important as a Christian movie maker, scriptwriter, songwriter singer, producer, actor and all have you in the entertainment industry keep to your track and don’t look elsewhere, if you look at the environment it will take you. Remember, this is your ministry and like Apostle Paul counseled Archippus, “Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it.” (Colossian 4:17). Remember, it is your ministry in Christ not in the world, therefore, He that calls you is faithful and He will do it (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

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