Bible study: God Is Constant Though History Varies

It is very vital for one to acquiesce to the fact that the bible is written within the evolution of times, histories and civilizations. Therefore, stories and write-ups in the bible cannot escape the injection of things or events that happened through these times, histories and civilization. As a result, while studying events and write-ups in the bible is very important to study in the light of time, history and civilization, this will help to create a better understanding of the subject matter in focus. 

For instance, the way and manner the recording of events and acts of worship to God during the time of Moses and especially in his five books is quite different from the way and manner events and acts of worship is being recorded in the days of the prophets. The same is also with the Gospels and the Epistles, it is obvious that, times, histories and civilization affected the making of the writings. 

Hence culture becomes a permanent variable feature in the writings of the Scriptures and one cannot take it away while studying the Scripture, and if not taken into consideration it may lead one taking some basic facts out of context. 

Worthy to note is in all the only person that is constant is God even as events and histories and civilization continues to unfold. Therefore, in the light of this, the constant justifies the variables and not vice versa.