Can a Video Game Church Advance the Kingdom of God? - Benek concurs

A virtual church has been launched for gamers, the pastor of which says he is reaching a people group for Christ that the traditional church does not even know exists.

The Washington Post published on July 27 an interview with Matt Souza, a 27-year-old pastor from Richmond, Virginia, who is licensed through the Assemblies of God denomination and utilizes video games and a live-streaming platform called Twitch. His church is called GodSquad, and he started it in 2016 to reach a community of individuals who tend to be atheists and dislike religion.

Viewers watch the livestream of him playing games while Souza fields questions about God and the Christian faith. He also weaves in moral and ethical principles into the gaming world, urging gamers not to cuss and advises them that they not play Grand Theft Auto because of the particular kind of killing and sexual content that game promotes.

He got the idea to start a church for gamers using Twitch upon realizing the influence and reach others had. And as of last month, GodSquad Church has 1,800 members and his stream has approximately 4,000 views per month.

Christopher Benek, a Presbyterian pastor from Florida who has written extensively on technology issues for The Christian Post, thinks Souza is onto something important, and argues that though his "church" may seem unconventional, it ought not be dismissed.