Christ is Your Environment (Part Four) The Product Of Knowledge In The Life of The Believer

The product of this knowledge is faith, because as the word comes and it unfolds the knowledge in it, the receiver of the word is filled with faith and begins to live as he has received. But the lack of hearing of the word would mean the lack of knowledge and that implies the lack of faith. Here comes the difference in the believers individual life, the believer who listens more of the word comes out with better knowledge and expresses faith accordingly but the other believer who lacks the access to the word will be limited in knowledge and as a result be limited in faith. The believer that has access to the word can be termed strong in faith because he is full of the word which is knowledge and the believer who lacks the access to the word can be termed weak in faith because he is not full of the word which is knowledge. Therefore, the believer’s reaction to any situation is directly in proportion to what and what he knows as a believer and by his reaction his faith level is ascertained. 

It is important to state that both believers are saved in Christ, but because of lack of knowledge which implies lack of adequate faith or coming short of faith they will have different results in doing exploits in life though they are saved. So what puts the weak one in danger might not be able to put the strong in danger because the later knows better and as a result reigns in the situation because he has adequate knowledge which the former lacks. So the later reveals the image of He that created him better than the former because he understands the image that he sees in the mirror better than the former. 

Therefore, knowledge becomes the principal thing for every believer, by knowledge he will excel and achieve all that he needs to achieve in his life as a believer. Not just knowledge but in particular that knowledge which is rooted in the word of Christ and it is by this kind of knowledge that faith is produced. So by knowledge which is faith the believer can be able to attend to the highest echelon of his life. Therefore, the modus operand of the life of the believer is pivoted in faith anchored on the word of God. A typified life of a believer is all about faith because without faith the life of the believer is baseless. The bible in the book of Habakkuk says and I quote “Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.” (Hab 2:4). This verse explains the manner a righteous man (believer) should run and operate his life, and it says it by faith. Faith is the ability to access whatever the grace of God has provided for us; that is to say that the strength, power and authority of what is deposited in us can only be accessed by faith. Apostle Paul puts it better this way “By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.” (Rom 5:2). 

The fact remains that God is a God of big heart and therefore there is nothing he has offered to mankind that can be found in a limited supply. It is important to accept the fact that no one coerced or appeased God before He made provision of the basic necessities that man makes use of on this earth. Before creating man, He saw what man would be in need of and made them available beforehand. Patently, one can confidently say that there is nothing that man is in need of that is in short supply because God has made them available. However, the inability of man to discover and take what God has made available for him to use should not be blamed on God rather on man. I can aptly say that while creating the earth and everything in it, He never created something called electricity but the truth is that in His foreknowledge He knew that man will need electricity and therefore He created materials and substances that can be used for creating electricity.

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