Christ is Your Environment (Part Six) Knowledge and the By-Products of God's Creation

Continued from the last episode

The same goes to any technological product man has come up with, they are just an indirect creation of God, because the raw materials are sourced from the already made product of God. So God has provided man with everything that he needs to survive on this planet earth. For this reason, no one can say or come up with some kind of innuendos that God would have done this or that this way or that way because there is no mistake or imperfection in whatever He has done. Therefore, whatever God has created is good and always meets the requirement or purpose for which is being created. And I say it again inasmuch as God is concerned there is nothing needed for man’s service and upkeep on this earth that is missing. 

The delays we are having in the manifestation of these by-products so to say is not from God but from man who has not taking the right step to unfold the treasures imbedded in the basic provisions of God to man. Now, the point still comes back to knowledge, whatever the level of knowledge man has concerning anything God has provided to him is the extent to which he can make use of that thing until his knowledge of it increases. Meanwhile, if there are still things or benefits embedded in that particular thing and due to man’s limitation in knowledge such benefits eludes him, no one should suggest that God has not provided. The shortcoming is man’s making and not God’s because God has beforehand provided. Try and get my books ‘Man’ and ‘The earth is from nothing’ on, I wrote extensive exposé on these issues in them. 

What is obtainable in the physical earthly realm is also obtainable in the spiritual realm even more, if not somebody is going to have an otiose adventure, whereas he would have made meaningful things out. So as God has made everything available for man on the physical plain so also He has made available all man’s spiritual needs completely in Christ. Therefore, in the knowledge of Christ every spiritual need of man has been met and outside the knowledge of Christ man is spiritually bankrupted. The determinant here in harnessing and meeting the spiritual needs depends on how much the man in Christ have understood Christ, so the less he understands the less he enjoys or meet his spiritual needs and the much he understands the much he enjoys or meet his spiritual needs. 

The awareness to what the environment one lives can offer and of course playing according to the mottoes or dictates of the environment will give one the privilege to obtain what is obtainable in the environment without much ado or tug-of-war. It is a fact to consider that once someone has come into Christ, he has come into liberty but this liberty is subject or can be substantiated by the level of knowledge of Christ that is in him. If he knows better he can do better and freely exercise this liberty to fullness; hence Apostle Paul admonishes believers thus “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” (Gal 6:1). If we don’t stand fast in the liberty it means though we have come into liberty, we can be found living an entangled life as a result of not acknowledging what it takes to be in Christ. Therefore, the things that will show us what our liberty stands for are the things we know about the liberty we are brought into. 

However, is very important that one should be in Christ but also important is the fact that one should acknowledge what it is to be in Christ, if not it is useless being there. However, knowing what it is being in Christ alone cannot make a believer stand firm, therefore in the believer’s knowing there are things he must add to his knowing that will of course make him stand firm. Meanwhile, before we discuss these things I would like to remind us that we should have it in mind that what qualifies the believer to operate and run his life with what he knows is that he has believed the gospel. If he has known and practice what he has known and never believed the gospel he can never be found in Christ. Because as many as they are who know much about Jesus and never believed in Him have no part in Him. Therefore, in this case knowing is important but believing is most important.

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