Disputing The Theory Of Big Bang And Evolution - Admin TC

In schools and most high institutions a lot of teachings that are gratifying theories and hypothesis about the creation of the earth and the existence of God are commonly on the table for discussion. We hear things like the Big Bang and Evolution, suggesting that the earth came into being through the big bang process and all the creatures emanated through evolution. These farcical ideologies have been the order of the day in most high institutions of learning and many tender hearts have been misled, and the wrong seed sowed in their hearts is taking root deeply. So it is not surprising that an increasing number of young minds and some naive adults are maintaining this wrong stance that there is no God. Atheism is gaining ground and indirectly unto utter destruction of the mutual relationship between man and his Creator; and worse still creating an attitude of negligence towards the norms and regulations buttressing the existence of the earth. These norms, if rightly entrenched in the hearts of the tender ones, will enhance the respect and regards for the earth, knowing quite well that there is a Creator of the earth who made all things and handed over to man to control; and as a result man will one day render account to Him. 

Concurring with the argument of the Big Bang implies that the existence of the earth is a fluke and therefore, it implies that the activities around the earth should lack reasonable coordination in terms of its functions; because there has never been anything that happened by accident that is organized, coherent and seems to display a kind of wisdom that is understandable. On the other hand, it seems to present a point that sidelines the understanding that for every effect there must be a cause. In that case the earth happened by accident without cause initiation. Thinking in the line of the Big Bang apologies, assuming the big bang really took place and the earth came into being, the undisputed fact is that, that particular Big Bang must have been caused by something. Again, if there was a Big Bang, it must have been the voice of God who spoke the earth into being and the whole globe was formed, and this globe remained empty until the time He decided to fill it with the things He deemed fit to occupy the globe and to take existence on the face of the globe. 

On the contrary, the Bible says that the earth was created. This statement can be interpreted that the earth was designed and put in place by someone. One would wholeheartedly lean on this idea because the physical features of the earth do not in any way suggest that it is a product of an accidental occurrence. Of course the positioning of the atmosphere and its hosts, the hydrosphere and its hosts, and the lithosphere and its hosts, cannot be a product of fluke occurrence or just some kind of Big Bang; on the contrary, sighting these things assuredly reveals that there is a hand that rightly put them in place for specific purposes. Therefore it is dismal and absurd to think that all these things came into being by a mere bang. Well, if ever there was a bang, there was wisdom behind it. This wisdom is the source of all the physical features, a fact that nullifies all other ideologies; given that these ideologies cannot substantially prove that these things came into being as a result of the Big Bang, and as well they start functioning cohesively and in a meaningful pattern that boggles one’s mind. The problem of the people behind these ideologies is their inability to grasp the insightfulness of the wisdom that has put these things into place. So, instead of condescending to accept that it is beyond their reach because of its platonic nature, they have chosen to smudge its authenticity. 

They however haven’t stop at that; but have continued to instill this wild deception in the heart of the tender people, and mostly the younger ones, that the existence of the creatures here are as a result of Evolution. This theory suggests the eradication of the Bible standpoint that all creatures came into being as a result of the creative wisdom of God. It negates the idea that these creatures were created in their species and types, which implies that creatures existed from the tiny things or fossils and unfolded to become big creatures. In fact, it really supports the idea that man must have emanated from apes. What a petty ideology? Yet, a lot who think they are highly placed in the educational pedestal are very susceptible to this sham. The emphatic and undaunted truth to embrace is that every creature is created specifically on its own. The resemblance in all the denuded physical structures does not in any way suggest the emanation of one from the other. Also, the internal structures, though sometimes look alike, do not, but differ in their function-abilities, in order to suite the basic lifestyle of the particular specie. Blatantly, the designer who designed these creatures made them that way in order to demonstrate the prowess of His wisdom in putting up varieties as much as He desires. 

It is interesting to know that almost all of the creatures were created male and female, which rightly puts this theory of evolution to derision. The creation of male and female engraved a process or system that enhances the existence of the species on the face of the earth. So each specie’s male and female have sexual intercourse and give birth to their young that is as same as they are. This also depicts that their Creator puts up this process in order to ensure their lasting and as well ward off Himself the involvement of creating new creatures all the time. Notice that the Bible says that, the process of creation lasted for seven days. “And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made” (Genesis 2:2) 

The evening of the seventh day was not mentioned. This simply implies that creative activities stopped and as a result all the creatures had to multiply themselves according to the process imbued in them by their Creator. That was why God pronounced the following decree or assertion on them: “Be Fruitful and multiply”. Therefore, for this reason it has not been known that on the face of this planet earth a creature just appeared by means of evolution. This shows that the teachings of evolution is a big fraud done on humanity, and should be discarded. 

However, the frivolous excuses based on mere conjecture coming out from some quarters why it seems evolution ceased is not something that is recommendable and should not be talked about. The truth is that evolution never happened and the process the Creator of the whole universe put in place has continued to be the enduring process for multiplication of all the creatures. On the other hand, the artificial means that has been recently devised by man in the procreation of creatures, man inclusive, definitely suggests that evolution never happened; rather creatures were created. Again the recent activities of man in the areas of procreation directly suggest that everything that has existence on the face of this earth is as a result of a meticulous design or creation of someone. That man is yet to see with his denuded eyes the Creator of all the physical features of the earth does not in any way mean that they do not have a Creator. 

Worthy to note is that, whatever it is that man has been able to develop in his laboratories in order to generate life for himself or animals, in terms of procreation of their young; is in fact based on a thorough study of what nature has offered. For instance, man was able to develop a device that can incubate a fetus, after rigorously studying the function and ability of the womb of a woman. These artificial devices didn’t come out of nowhere; rather they are the result of scrupulous mental activities of man which he carefully plagiarized from naturally existing ones. If man can create the things he is creating in his laboratories, it rightly points to the fact that the earth and its fullness have a Creator.

Excerpts from the book “The Earth Is from Nothing “By Pastor Chukwuemeka C. Asiegbu