God’s Bestowed Power and Authority Not Transient but Infallible

By virtue of the grace of God, we sometimes find ourselves in positions of leadership. It is very important and a thing to cherish and honour, if the leadership position comes in the area of leading the people of God. This is the highest level of leadership as far as mankind or humanity is concerned. This statement is not disputable in the sense that all human beings, whether they believe in God or not, have that inherent conscience in them that there is a force somewhere controlling the activities of the universe. In that case there is in existence a little believe in them that there is God though not expressed openly. To some of them they acknowledge that there is God, but decide to snuggle their heads in ego as people of a certain class. 

God is the creator of the whole universe, and there is no question about this fact. In His nature, He is all knowing, He is all powerful, He is present, everywhere at the same time. His sovereignty over the universe is unquestionable because He is the owner and knows the beginning and the ending of it; He knows the pillars and the foundation of the universe. Nobody can explain better than God how the universe was put together. Scientists are still myopic in their discovery about the universe because a lot more are yet to be discovered and even the ones discovered they still lack much information about them because it is beyond their scope of understanding. 

This is the God in whom Christians believed and consequently worship. I hope you don’t have a problem with that. I urge you to come forward with us so that you may know this God. Over the years this our God has proved that He is truly the God of the whole universe; this is as much as history can accommodate. He has demonstrated His supremacy and sovereignty over the universe since ages with great signs and wonders performed in the presence of great witnesses. The witnesses declared that their testimonies and messages were evidence that His ability and claims as the great I AM are not a fluke. He is really what He says He is! 

Over the years the demonstration of God's power was not done without a witness. God has used human vessels as vehicles to interpret and manifest His powers to the ends of the earth. He did this through great men and women that He chose in the time past as much as history can contain and He is also using great men and women both known and unknown in our contemporary times. So God didn’t leave us without evidence to what His capability is like. Therefore, we have a God who has not asked us to follow Him blindly, the evidences of what He has done in the past and the present all sum up to the fact that He is a dependable and reliable God. So His ability to guide us in all our ways and in any situation is unquestionable.