India: Heavy Downpour Wreaked Havoc on a Predominantly Christian state in India

For the past few days in Kerala Southern part of India it has been raining cat and dog. The heavy downpour triggered flood that flooded the entire area and submerged many houses. It is estimated that no fewer than hundred people have died from the flood and properties worth millions in dollars destroyed. 

The area whose residents are predominantly Christians are requesting for aid from people all over the world because the nature of the situation is very overwhelming to them. Though, the government agencies are doing their best but their best is not enough to quell the situation at hand hence the request for external aid from well-meaning people all over the world. 

The photographs and videos of taken from the environment of the area speaks volume of the level of devastation caused by the flood. Most of the residents of Kerala are aged people and as a matter of fact couldn’t do much in terms of rescuing their properties. 

Their sons and daughters residing abroad are working assiduously hard to make sure that their aged parents are safe in this situation. Kerala people are very highly educated people among Indians and most of them are migrant workers residing outside India.