Restrictions lifted on Christian nurse sacked for sharing faith - Eno Adeogun

A Christian nurse who was sacked after receiving complaints when she offered prayers to patients has won a ruling to be able to return to the profession.

Sarah Kuteh lost her job at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford after her "fitness to practise" as a nurse was questioned in a case overseen by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

However, on 26th July, the professional regulatory body found that Kuteh is in fact "fully fit to practise" and it was in the "public interest" that she returns to her post.

Kuteh had been fighting to be reinstated since 2016 with the support of the Christian Legal Centre.

Roger Kiska from the Christian organisation told Premier's News Hour the case highlights ignorance in some sectors.

"Increasingly, many employers are religiously illiterate in the sense that they have little or no tolerance for religious exercise, despite the fact that religious expression is protected both by the Equality Act and Human Rights Act."

Although Kuteh found a new job in a nursing home, she was only allowed to work as a nurse subject to a range of 'conditions' imposed by the NMC, including close supervision by a more senior nurse.

Kiska told Premier that she was "absolutely over the moon" to have won her battle.

"She's at a place where she feels wanted and appreciated and clearly she's doing well there according to her colleagues."

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