Space Research and Humanity (Opinion)

Irrespective of our race and color, there is only one constituency that we all have and that is we are all human beings. And as humans we all have one abode and the place is called planet earth. This implies that if one wants to locate human beings he or she can only find them on this earth. So, the earth is the building the Mother Nature has constructed for human beings to live. Therefore, if the earth is the building humans live, it requires that all humans irrespective of their race and color should as a matter of fact have the collective responsibility to take care of it. No one lives in an unkempt environment and expects a healthy outcome from the environment. The interesting thing to grasp is that humans are native of the earth and the earth is meant to put a covering on them and as a matter of fact brings sustenance to them.

Evidence has shown that the only planet human beings can survive is planet earth; this implies that the Mother Nature designated human beings to live and survive in the earth only and no other planet can sustain human beings. This condition is peculiar to all the human races existing on the face of this earth. Your color and race doesn’t exempt you from this natural law, therefore to this effect it is right to say that human beings have no place to call home except this earth. It is also right to say that the existence of the earth is because of human beings on it, without human beings on the face of the earth, the earth is a useless place. The fact is that other planets have been discovered and they are entities on their own but the truth remains that they are not useful because human beings are not there. 

This takes us to the reality that the earth is useful and viable because human being are in it, so without human beings the existence of the earth is inconsequential, therefore, human beings makes the earth what it is! To sustain the existence of human beings on the face of the earth, it requires that the treasures and valuables in the earth should be harnessed and in turn be used for the improvement of their living standard. This is not supposed to be a glitch to human beings because their Creator imbued in them the needed knowledge that should enhance the application of the rightful wisdom to explore the earth and meet their needs. Again, the handwriting of the provisions of the Creator of the earth is everywhere on the face of earth, if there is a lack or inability on the side of human beings to provide for themselves, the deficiency is their making and they shoulder the blame. 

Explicitly, over the ages, human beings have been on the course of using the natural endowment in the earth to sustain themselves in various ways. The issue of their physical nourishment is settled by them sourcing out whatever is available for them and they are still discovering many and many are yet to be discovered. They have also make use of the huge deposit of resources on the face of the earth to improve their medical conditions and thereby enhancing their health condition. And yet, whatever man has used from the earth to enhance his life is just a tip of the iceberg of the gargantuan resources yet untapped. The quest to better man’s existence on this planet earth has been the goal of all well-meaning and thoughtful human beings and they are not relenting in their discovering odyssey any time soon. The fact remains that no matter how crude their discovering have been, there is the continuation of refining and modification to whatever that has been discovered. And human beings have continued to enjoy the usage even as it continues to metamorphose to enhance the quality of service they receive. 

Interestingly, it is apt to say that whatever any human or group of humans has indulged themselves to discover is mainly for the good of another human or human beings. People don’t just go into researches because they want to make names for themselves but necessarily because of the good of the end user who is their fellow humans. If discoveries and researches are to boast the ego of the discoverers or researchers the gestures definitely becomes an otiose adventure because whatever that should be done should be for the benefit of human beings. Worthy to note is the fact that going into researches and discoveries is not just mere piece of pie but something that has to do with huge monetary, time and mental investment and as a result is not something lightly. This implies that it takes the time and money of people whose minds have been educated in their respective fields to achieve the aim of any research. In this case, is not every individual is qualified to go into researches and discoveries and those who are qualified through their discoveries bring scour and solace to others. 

The point is that kudos should be given to as many individuals and countries that have engaged themselves to bring solutions to the needs of human beings through their researches and discoveries. It is important therefore, that other individuals and countries should emulate them and by so doing the solution to man’s teething needs can be achieved. So far it is understandable that the purpose of every research and discovery is to enhance the life of human beings existing on the face of this planet earth. And we have concurred that the end user of every discovery is man and this shows that any research being conducted without the meeting of man’s need at the center of it is useless. Also, again it is understandable that whatever that might be the need of man on this planet earth, the provision has been made available in the earth by his creator. Therefore, the earth houses the solution to man’s needs. 

However, in the recent times, there has been an increase in what is called Space Researches by many ‘advanced’ governments in the Western World and as a result lots of things in the Space have been discovered. Undoubtedly, and of course it is very glaring that Space researches gulps huge amount of money yearly from the sponsors of these researches, and in fact the budgetary sheet speaks of billions of dollars. The amount budgeted and mapped out for Space researches yearly supersedes the economical budgets of so many countries in the third world. This is an indication that such money budgeted for Space researches if channeled to these third world countries could be used for the alleviation and eradication of poverty in these countries.

The question is, of what benefit is Space Researches to human beings on this planet earth? Considering the fact that many are dying of hunger and starvation in many countries and these are human beings. And please before you disagree with me; spare me the statement that they have the right to pursue knowledge and so on and so forth. The point to take away here is this, since we are human and every research should be geared towards man’s well-being and not for ego and selfish aggrandizement, therefore, it is wise we accept the fact that love supersedes knowledge. Remember, we do not live in the Space, we live in this Earth!

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