Teaching And Lifestyles Under The Prism

The only instrument that is very viable and active in cultivating and molding the life of an individual to certain profile and value is teaching. Through teaching it is very easy to pattern the life of someone and he/she will hold fast on it and grow up without deviating from its rudiments. The same is however applicable to some animals, most animals have been taught on how to carry out some official jobs at certain designated offices and also participate in many house odd jobs. Many wild animals have been tamed in a way that they are no longer seen as wild animals just because someone took some time out to teach them on how to be benign in dealing with other creatures. 

Teaching involves inculcating educational or certain cultural values that are didactic and spiritual virtues if you like that are lacking in the life of creatures and humans especially. Teaching helps to facilitate the manifestation of certain ideologies and beliefs in the life of any creature. It is as a result of what people have gotten from teaching that induces in them the motive to undertake some spiritual and physical odysseys in their lives in order to achieve certain goals. Therefore, teaching is practical and when displayed or lived out it tells more about whom or what the creature is and can be honoured and disrespected as a result of it. 

Obviously one becomes what one has been taught because one’s life establishes what one has been fed. It is to this fact that some creatures are found becoming obstinate to certain values they have been inculcated with and in most cases it is very difficult to coax them to have a change of pattern of lifestyle. This kind of situation is always the case because they are convinced right on the inside that the teaching they received were sound and no two ways about it. However, how right is the teaching, is another thing but the fact to establish is that they are the way they are because of the teaching they have received. 

Undoubtedly, the behavior we see people put on in most cases is as a result of the kind of teaching they have received and this in effect affects the way and manner our society looks. So we have in the world different countries and the citizens of these countries have certain behavioral stance that is typified to them. And one wonders why it is like that, well because they were schooled to be that way and to them it is the best way to be irrespective of the judgment of others. 

This variation in character is as a result of what people have imbibed in themselves and because of this we have categories of lifestyles. Overtly we’ve seen some lifestyles been regarded as barbaric, crude and civilized; the question is the people whose lifestyle is seen as barbaric do they see such lifestyle as barbaric, awkward, crude or uncivilized? The answer is simply no because that is the way they have been taught to live and it becomes a way of life for them.

 In most cases is ridiculous to know that these people that their lifestyle is termed crude and barbaric sees the people who think that they are civilized as weird class of people. The reality here is that each people see themselves as living the right lifestyle unless otherwise there is some kind of orientation and awareness created to balance each other’s view as regards to each other’s lifestyle. So in effect it takes teaching to redirect ones thought about one’s lifestyle and only on this one can be able to adjust and begin to step into a new era in one’s lifestyle. 

So it is that the lifestyle we see that people parade with is a product of some school of thoughts of certain individuals or group of people; whether primitive or civilized at the case may be, the common thing is that people are living it out and they are known for it. However, people will always look up to some people or some elites as role models and as such try their best to emulate them in all they do. One important group of people that has been seen as major role models in the life of people is their teachers. 

Teachers are responsible to impart knowledge from the kindergarten to the maturity age of the students. They take charge of the life of the students and mold it in a way that they think that is suitable and for sure the students starts living their lives according to what have been imbued in them. Whatever they pass on to the students is what they become and such continue to reflect in the society.

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