The Four Cardinal Points Of The Spiritual Blessings (Part 2)

Let’s continue to unfold the spiritual positions of the man that has received the message or gospel by faith. Receiving the message by faith and believing in it makes someone to be declared righteous before God. That is the righteous nature of God is give unto him or her, he or she stands before God guiltless. In this case what happens next is that he or she is accepted in the beloved according to this verse, “To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.” (Eph 1:6). It is interesting to know that the fall of man separated man from God and as a result of that man had no place in God, there was a total spiritual incommunicado between God and man. Though there was this spiritual separation between man and God, the nature of God which is Grace could not let man go, grace continue to search ways man could be united with his maker. The grace of God that came to man was the gospel, that gospel was preached to Abraham and as many that lived in the beginning was the gospel of grace of God (Titus 2:11) 

The testimony of the gospel was that they believed in God by faith in the gospel which unveils what the grace of God has offered to them. As they believed, the resounding testimony is that they work and walk with God. The walk or work with God here means that literally they associated with God in all their dealings and there was a cooperation between them and God. This indicates that they heard from God and have interactions with Him, which suggests that they were in close rapport with God. This kind of association cannot be established on the physical realm, it takes place on the spiritual realm and as a matter of fact it means that they had spiritual relationship with God. Therefore, one accepting the gospel just as Abraham did mean that he has paved way for his or her spiritual connection with God to be established, and by so doing, there is an acceptance of him or her in the bosom of God. 

So, the declaration of righteousness upon an individual helps to ingratiate him or her into a spiritual position which man has lost as a result of the fall. Righteousness therefore, empowers one to be accepted in God, it means that if God has accepted you, no matter the rejection you might face out there in the world, your case is different. The only place one can be rejected and it tells on him or her so much is in the place of God, if you don’t have a place or position in God, forget it you should be sorry for yourself. Being accepted in the beloved means one is very pleasing to God, no matter what! It doesn’t matters what people’s judgment is or what their perspective about you suggests, the judgment of God stands. 

This is what the blessing of God is, that one has been accepted in God as a result of the declaration of righteousness on him or her. This typifies freedom, I mean one is free from any accusing finger, be it from the devil or his human agents. It means as you stand in front of God you do that without any sense of guilt and can boldly say what you want to say to God and to man with easy (Heb 13:6). You should not having any doubt that you statement or voice will not be heard because of one thing or the other, because you know that you have been accepted and this acceptance is not based on what you have done rightly or how assiduously you have worked hard to be right before God. 

This is not a fruit of your work or labour in observing one rule or other, just that you believed the gospel and this gift was given to you. Wonderful! You are accepted no one can reject you, whether they like it or not (Jn 8:4 – 12), He that was supposed to reject you did not do so, who then can do it? Therefore, you walk out with all sense of boldness not minding what the environments around you say, you can boldly talk to any situation or condition and they will immediately listen to you. You can command any evil or demon out and they will listen and obey you without tug of war in between. Just because you have been accepted in the beloved! 

These are the things the spiritual blessings entail in a life of anyone that has accepted and believed the gospel. His spiritual position is reestablished and he or she has the right to exercise his or her position in God and begin to undo anything that he or she sees as very odd in his or her life.