The Structure Of The Old Testament ( Part one)


The Old Testament is the Scriptures or the Mysteries, which imply that most of the things stated in them are not plainly stated. Therefore, there is this exigency for thorough excavation of the latent details in them in order to ratify every misnomer surrounding their meanings. It is important to state that the way a message is conveyed will definitely help the receiver to understand it easily without much subtleness. And if it is conveyed in a cloudy manner, the receiver has no option rather than to unravel that cloudiness on the message and make sure he or she comes out with clear information from the message. Surely, a rightful interpretation of what the message is all about means a clear understanding of the message and will of course help the receiver to act in the right direction. And a wrong interpretation of the message will land the receiver on the wrong pedestal and that would mean he or she will begin to manifest wrong action(s). Yes if your interpretation of the Scriptures is wrong definitely your doctrines are going to be wrong as well, there are no two ways about it! 

Greater part of the Scriptures are not plain stories, they are given to the messengers as visions, and visions are mainly conveyed in symbols and those symbols doesn’t represent what they appear to be on the surface. Hence the need to unearth the logical output of what those symbols stands for, this is very essential in studying the Scriptures. This has been the problem of the people of God who couldn’t properly digest the lines of the Scriptures and as a result they couldn’t have the right skill to grasp in real term what the power and knowledge of God is. So because of lots of misinterpretation of the Scriptures mistakes are everywhere even in our churches today (Matthew 22:29). 

Does it mean God doesn’t want people to understand these messages? Is it why He gave the messengers the messages in symbols and illustrations and so on? Well, I have to state here that the messages are spiritual and some of the messengers didn’t have the spiritual withal to fully comprehend the messages hence God delivering the messages to them according to their level of understanding of spiritual matters. For instance in Acts 10:10 -16 the best way to communicate to Peter who is an adamant Jewish believer at that time, is the way God communicated to him in that vision about the Gentiles. The best way God could communicate to Daniel about the rising and falling of powers in his days was to use metals and clays structures. Moses couldn’t understand who Satan is hence the use of snake to express how subtle Satan is. 

Jesus in the gospel once told His audience that they have to eat His flesh and blood in order to have a place in Him. A statement that didn’t go down well with some of His disciples and so many of the people listening to Him at that particular time because they had a literal understanding of what He said. They couldn’t fathom the rationale behind such an ‘unguided’ statement in the sense that they knew Him and His background upbringing and because of that they left the scene. Nevertheless, they knew Jesus after flesh and never had a real revelation of who He actually is. This story took place in the gospel and the gospel doesn’t seem to be the Old Testament. It is very interesting to know that the era of the gospel messages is conducted under the law. Remember, Jesus came to fulfill the law and while He walked the face of this earth he taught people, in parables and parables are coded languages. 

The way and manner the activities in the gospels were conducted, it is very obvious that the gospels are extension of the Old Testament because of that some teachings and statements from them should not be used to establish a Christian doctrine, because such statements and teachings needed to be deciphered. Furthermore, the Old Testament is regarded as the shadows of things to come, including the gospels and of course one cannot get niceties from shadows Colossians 2:17. But because of revelation knowledge built up by decoding the messages of the Old Testament, the New Testament has better precise, concise, accurate, factual and specific messages. This happened because of the advent of the Holy Ghost that came to dwell in the believers. See John 16:12-13, 1 Corinthians 2:13, Romans 16:25. So from the book of Acts through Revelation are teachings and instructions developed as a result of decoding the messages of the Old Testament by the Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelist that Jesus Christ gave to the Church.